Russian vs Facebook. Diary of the battle. The Clients first 100k

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    I've been working with Russian Racket as a Beta tester for his Facebook Pro System over the past few months.

    Ive been working different batches of Accounts providing feedback on how we can improve Facebook Pro. The software has come along way since initial testing and now its time to start my own journey thread.

    My journey to my first 100k targeted friends.

    This means 99% of Friends are going to be targeted.

    Accounts are in the process of being created, I might run 2 vps's for the project as I scale past 100k.

    Im currently scraping pictures for my new profiles as we speak.

    The plan is to grow them quick and move onto a new batch of accounts before there banned.

    This means fast and hard growth

    I've a little trick in how I can get 35 to 45 % acceptance rates.

    Combined with another update for fb pro, scraping groups with the location txt file.

    The location txt file for those not familer with Facebook Pro, allows the adding of mutual friends based on location and also allows scraping of uids based on location.

    This really improves the quality of friends.

    The main goal of this project is to add these friends into a number of groups

    Aiming for 100k minimum in each one!