Russia drops bomb on Greece Israel and Holland journalists


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Jul 28, 2008
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Russians dropped a bomb minutes ago on Greece, Israeli and Holland journalists. All are injured and one Holland journalist died while bombing the Centre of georgian city Gori and there is no military base-russians are bombing civilian urbans. What will be NEXT TARGET?
This happened this morning didnt it? - around 7am UK time...or is this a different attack?

Russia cant really be stopped. We just have to look on and hope a ceasefire can be agreed.
Sorry, not sure when, but found this video now. Got report, that still bombing going on in Georgia despite that Russia announced to stop fire this morning. Shocking!
i think it sucks how russia's doing this during the olympics.....

i guess since there's no oil, nobody cares
If McCain makes office we are all sincerely fucked..

Now we're starting to stick our nose somewhere it doesn't belong ahem.. besides Iraq, and if McCain takes oval office, how much do you want to bet that World War 3 might not be far off? Why must the United States get involved in every single conflict.. we have our own problems in this country to fix, why don't we start there before fixing the world?
World war three baby.

I'll just fucking laugh if it does degenerate into something so mindless, because all it would prove is that were still mindless,stupid animals.
Nah World War 3 will probably just not happen because it wouldnt be physical warfare now, with guns and tanks, it would just be relentless nuclear war with nuclear missiles and poision gas etc.

If WW3 did occur, the world would be just wiped out. Thats why America is not doing anything apart from condeming Russias actions. It needs Russia to be on good terms with them so that they partner against the happenings in Iran.

Ah politics, dont we just love it!
So.. I just found Georgia on a map.. that country is done.

It's a tiny pebble compared to Russia, they could have wiped the country clean if they wanted to by now. They're not like the United States.. we don't start wars then we have so many rules and stipulations we must follow while we're at war.. it's pointless.

Specially when you're fighting people who give could give a damn and have no morals or rules.. you end up with a situation like this in Iraq. Could you imagine if we went to war with Russia or Iran? We'd be done either way.. neither of them care.. we live by too many rules even in a time of war.

We should have just dropped a huge bomb on Iraq and be done with it.. we're never going to change a place that has been fighting for years. But then again.. how could we profit from the place if we bombed it.. that's right.

It's kind of scary to think of what's to come, because if we get into another war with half of our troops overseas wasting tax money, we'll either

A: Pull our troops out to aid in the new war.
B: Re-introduce the draft.
C: Ha.. do both.

It would be stupid and you'd think no one in their right mind would go to war with either, but now a days... you never know.
What the fuck is wrong with humans have we not learned from the previous wars. :rolleyes:
might want to start investing in nuclear proof bunkers far back yards
Hey Clix!

I am not an affiliate, but I'll see if I can find a download page for one. :)

i think it sucks how russia's doing this during the olympics.....

i guess since there's no oil, nobody cares

Georgia started it by sneak attacking and killing almost as many as the 9/11 attacks (which we have started 2 wars in response too). I don't know how America can chastise Russia for what it is doing, that's a laughable hypocrisy.

And there is a lot of oil and important pipelines in the region. I don't know how you don't know that.
As pointed out, Georgia started this war - contrary to the "OMFG: Russia INVADED a small defenceless country" of much of the mainstreal western press.
"because all it would prove is that were still mindless,stupid animals".

That?s just what we are... does anyone think that the human have evolved the last 5000 years? The only difference is that we have A LOT more toys these days.

Ohh I just started to read ?THE ROAD? by C McCarthy, it?s a fiction book but if the shit would go down well that?s probably what the aftermath would look like?

Personally I don't think that the situation between Russia and Georgia is an easy one to understand. The two countries have a long history together and I think Russia cant afford to lose the breakaway region. If it does then other regions could get the same ideas and this would be disastrous. I think that these attacks are just a scare tactic from deterring the Georgians from further action.

ps: Didnt Dmitry Medvedev order the end of the military campaign?
Dmitry ordered, but looks like army do not listen, even today shootings are going on.
America should seriously back the fuk away, i know Georgia supported them in IRAQ and are good allies, but seriously we are talking about Russia here, they are war hungry animals. It would also be total destruction and complete nuclear chaos. And hopefully the hill billy McCain isn't elected because i reckon he'll be much worst then 'Boy King'.
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