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Russainbooz Service Scammer - Stolen CC

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by rakoom2002, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. rakoom2002

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    Jun 5, 2011
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    PDX Oregon
    Received an order on the 14th from a guy who filled out his forum nickname as russianbooz. I later found out this isnt even a real member. 5 Days into his order a dispute was filed but at this point it was too late to stop his order because the majority of it was done and the other portion was in progress. I tried emailing the guy a bunch of times and no response. I called paypal today and they said they filed the dispute because this asshole was making purchases with a stolen credit card. Guy ended up scamming me out of $100

    This shitlist is just to warn all of you service providers out there, I cant give out his name but if he has you do work on the following website/keywords, be warned.

    Email Address: * [email protected] or '[email protected]
    SERPinator Nuke
    Website Title: *
    Cocktailkleider: Hier finden Sie alles über Cocktailkleider: OnlineShops, Gutscheine
    Forum Nickname: *
    Website URL: * http://cocktailkleider.ws
    Keyword 1: *
    Website Description: *
    Finden Sie alles über Cocktailkleider. Online Shops im Überblick und sparen Sie mit exklusiven Gutscheinen
    Current Ranking (Position) for Keywords: *
    cocktailkleider Google DE 16
    cocktailkleider gУМnstig Google DE 26

    cocktailkleider is cocktail dresses btw.

    Anyway, if someone tries to order a service with the info please beware.