Rusb Journey - Behind the Scenes of My Online Success: A Journey of Digital Earnings & More


Nov 13, 2023
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Rusb Journey - Behind the scenes of my online success: a journey of digital earnings

Hello everyone

I have been using this forum for some time, at first without even registering. I normally accessed the site and started reading thread after thread for hours to get inspiration for my projects.

I saw that there is a really warm and cool community that I can't wait to be a part of.

So I plan to write whenever I have time to update my journey and share tips, strategies and ideas with all of you.

As you will see later, I don't want to talk about my journey only in terms of the economic aspect, but in general, everything that surrounds me (gym, money, social media...etc). This is because for me, travel is not just about one point of view. People grow and grow in many aspects at the same time. By sharing all this he hoped to be able to inspire as many people as possible and perhaps, why not, become a point of reference.

After this little introduction, let me introduce myself as best I can:
I am a 20 year old boy, born and raised in Italy (so I initially write everything in Italian and then translate with Google Translator, therefore excuse me if my English is not perfect but I do what I can. Ps: sometimes I may even forget to translate the text, so please write to me as soon as possible so that I can fix it as soon as possible)

Since I was little I have always had the characteristic of starting something I liked and continuing it until exhaustion.

I remember that my first passions were:

  • Lego (yes, you understood correctly, just Lego bricks. With them I built anything, up to vending machines or miniature combination safes)
  • Magic (yes, I became passionate about the world of prestige for about 8 years, in particular " card magic ", I now remember very little about that world, but I believe the manual ability in managing and manipulating cards will remain with me for life)
  • Youtube
From YouTube I suppose I can start talking seriously about money, as I opened my first YouTube channel and constantly uploading 2 videos a day about games ( pokemon go, clash royale , youtuber life, minecraft ...etc) for 2 years.

With that channel I earned my first 200 euros (using Adsense ) over the course of 2 years.

it was precisely in these years that I actually started using a computer, an editing program (Vegas pro 14), a screen recording program (Obs) and a photo editing program (photoshop ) .

What I learned in these 2 years allowed me to become passionate about the world of online earning and above all it was the training base that served me in the following years.

Many of my peers (18/20/22 years old) still wouldn't even know how to move around the Windows screen (yes, I know, it's 2023). But I think that all the frequenters of this forum do not have this problem.

I don't know how it works in the rest of the world but in Italy school is divided into 5 steps (not all obligatory):

  • Kindergarten: for children (not mandatory)
  • Elementary: from 6 to 11 years (compulsory)
  • Middle school: from 11 to 14 years (compulsory)
  • High school: from 14 to 18 years old (mandatory up to 16 years old, then you can drop out permanently)
  • University
Well, just before starting high school, I deleted all my YouTube videos.

I remember that I was getting about 1000 views a day on all my videos and I had reached 2000 subscribers

By hiding all my videos on YouTube I stopped earning.

Then there was an event…an event that changed my life forever.

Even today I wonder what I would be like if this event had not happened.

You should know that since I was a child I have always frequented the "scouts", at least that is what they are called in Italy . In America I think they are called "boy scouts" or something like that.

In any case, an organization of children, teenagers and adults who, without any profit, create a community and grow together.

In there I found my best friends who I still hang out with today.

Here, thanks to my scout leaders, I signed up for a WORLD event in which all the scouts in the world headed to America for an event that repeats every 4 years. I'm talking about JAMBOREE

I am aware that few people know about the scouts and especially the jamboree so I will try to share some YouTube videos to help you understand what it is:

(these are the videos of the 24th jamboree edition, the one in which I participated. The 25th edition was held in 2023, in South Korea)

It's an event where 45,000 scouts from all over the world gathered in West Virginia to exchange cultures.

Of my entire group (about 40 people) only me and another girl were selected by our leaders and following registration, after weeks of waiting, we received confirmation that we would be leaving for America in the summer

(for those interested: the trip costs 3500 euros)

Obviously imagine living every day waiting for this world event. Expectations above the stars.

To give you an idea, the event would have been during the summer of 2019

The registration was made around October 2018.

Now comes the best part:

As I was telling you, imagine living every day with these expectations, every time seeing the video of the first link that I shared with you (it was our trailer, while the other videos were shot during the event).

The questions that were spinning in my head were:

  • will I be ready?
  • Will I be up to it?
  • How many people will I meet?
  • How will other people see me?
  • Will I be capable enough?
and I could stay here for hours writing down all the questions and doubts that were in my head.

Until I looked in the mirror.

I knew I was overweight (about 160cm X 80kg) but until then I had never cared that much.

I was still a kid, I ate as much as I wanted and whatever I wanted.

Well, once school was over (around June 16th) I decided to join the gym so that I could be "ready" for the event that would be held in July/August.

Needless to say, in those months he managed to do very little for my body but another fixation was born. As before there had been Lego, magic, the gym began.

I won't dwell on the jamborre yet as I only mentioned it to open this other great parenthesis (the beginning of the physical change), even if I could stay here writing for days about that event.

After returning from this event, without thinking twice, I signed up for the gym

September 2019, October 2019, November 2019, December 2019, January 2020 completely dedicated to school and the gym.

Complete focus.

I was perfectly able to keep up with everything. I never defined myself as "very good" at school, but I always got by with cunning, cunning and intelligence. I studied as little as possible, I always anticipated my homework to make the most of my free time and I obtained above average results.

In these 5 months I have lost 20kg, I will never forget it.

I almost never went out of line.

Just a slice of pizza on Saturday with my friends (imagine a slice of pizza as a round pizza divided into 8 slices)

I had even forgotten the flavor of "drops", my favorite biscuit

my physique changed completely, my abs were visible and I went from being overweight to normal weight.

I listed the months up to January 2020, because at the beginning of March 2020, as we all know, covid began

Schools closed, streets empty and above all, at least from my point of view, gyms closed.

I wasn't too discouraged, I immediately started studying methods for training at home, once again optimizing all the time I had.

As I believe in the rest of the world, school continued through video calls in Google Meet , which started at 08:00 in the morning and ended at 14:00 in the afternoon (08:00 AM - 02:00 PM)

The revolutionary thing was that, by attending school from home, you could copy very well in every exam, assignment and question. The time I dedicated to studying decreased dramatically and I achieved higher grades

Once again: there were classmates of mine whose grade point average worsened because they did not know how to acclimate to the new environment and the new provisions

Being able to study less, I dedicated more and more time to myself and above all to my body.

Sometimes I trained 2 times a day: in the afternoon and in the evening, until 01:00 at night (01:00 AM) and then took a shower, slept and went to bed... ready to access the meet video call the next day with my phone, in my pajamas with the cup of milk in front of me.

My physique improved drastically during this period. Obviously the workouts I did at home were more oriented towards calisthenics (push ups, Australian pull ups with a broomstick held by 2 chairs). From time to time I ordered a pair of dumbbells from Amazon (20kg dumbbells each) and then returned them

At that time I still wasn't earning, and since 20kg dumbbells could still cost 200 euros, I couldn't afford it (ps: although I come from a wealthy family I have always tried not to ask my parents for anything, not for any general issue, but because I always wanted to handle my problems on my own)

During the Covid period I studied a lot about bodybuilding, training techniques and methods for recording your workouts

I don't know if you can tell from how I write or how I think, but I've always been a schematic and precise guy in what I do, so even the gym hasn't been saved from this characteristic of mine.

in this period I created an excel in which I can record all my workouts. Day by day I implemented more and more functions, until I reached literally millions and millions of Excel formulas that allowed me to calculate every single parameter of my training (which I was discovering by reading books on the gym and watching videos on YouTube).

During training I see an advertisement from a "guru" who taught KDP Amazon. I started to inform myself at the beginning out of curiosity until I started writing (after months) my first book on the gym (ps: I have never given any money to any YouTube guru, but that guy, who I don't even remember now the name, although it would have cheated me with some fluff course, introduced me to a new world)

I wrote my first book about the gym, completely as a beginner I learned to better use word, photoshop (to create the cover of the book) and the various software that Amazon makes available for the publication of the book

Once again I was learning a new skill

From that moment I began to rediscover (after YouTube) the world of online earning, as with that book I saw the first (few) euros appear in my account.

From there another great chapter of my life opened which I will definitely want to tell on this forum as soon as I have time.

I hope I have made you passionate about my story (I still have to tell the highlight and you will understand why I am here, why I chose this name for the forum and the greatest successes in the business world)

I wanted to continue writing but I realized that it's 01:49 in the morning and I should wake up at 08:00 for university (oops, spoilers)

If you are interested in the continuation and have found my story so far intriguing, let me know if you want the continuation and I will be very happy to share everything with you.

Once I talk about my past and fully introduce myself I will use this same thread to write down my progress on all aspects of my life (not just business) weekly.

Goodbye everyone and... see you soon
A Detailed long post with good plan. Anyway, Good Luck for your journey
Buona fortuna con il tuo viaggio
Buona fortuna. Storia molto lunga.
A thousand thanks
Troppo lungo per un primo collega.
Thanks for the feedback. I have long-term plans within this forum, so I want to make myself known as best as possible to the users of this platform. I want anyone who is interested in my projects to have the opportunity to learn about my past, present and future plans :)
Buona fortuna per il tuo viaggio
Un lungo post dettagliato con un buon pianoforte. Comunque, buona fortuna per il tuo viaggio
Yes, I have it at all for exactly the reason I just explained above
In attesa di un primo compagno di posta,...
Buona fortuna per il tuo viaggio!..
I hope so too, who knows in the future...
Ti auguro il meglio per questo viaggio
Buona fortuna amico
Thank you so much for all the support

Today I found the time, after several weeks, to continue the story of my trip. I hope to be able to talk about my past in a more detailed but also faster way possible, to leave room for everything I have to say about my present and above all about my future projects
Here we are at the second part of my past: Happy reading
In the previous thread I announced my entry into the Amazon KDP business.
Initially I spent several months documenting and studying all the various programs (from Amazon and otherwise) to create a book.
As I believe anyone, creating, writing, planning a book may seem at first to be an arduous and long undertaking.
In short, for those who have never created something truly "real", "solid", "that you can touch" it may seem like an almost impossible undertaking.
This was what I thought in the following months when I began to study how to make this book.
I remember studying everything I could:
-how to use programs to create the book
-how the title should have been written
-how to write the description of the book
-what price to put
-which royalty percentage to choose
-how to create a customized cover for books

One of my characteristics has always been: "if I have to do something, I have to do it well, or I don't even do it".
Consequently, the moment I start something in any field, I fixate on it, I think about that thing night and day.
If you have learned to know me, you will have already understood this
Since I was a child, with Lego, with magic, with YouTube, I either explored the question further, I advanced it, or I didn't even do it at all.
Same thing happened with amazon kdp
I spent several months writing my book, and I wrote it related to the gym (obviously) taking inspiration from several of my notes taken from other books.
You should know that when I read books, I don't read them passively but I highlight the most important parts, in order to then create a word file in which I paste all the highlighted parts, reworking them in order to never forget the salient points of that book.
As a result, I took my gym books word file and started turning it into actual books
- Title
- index
- initial thanks
- final thanks
-body of the text

I finally published it and got the first results.
Once this great undertaking was finished, obviously I didn't sit idle, this book of mine earned me 2/5/10 euros a month, maximum, and it continues to do so even now, years later. I connected my credit card to Amazon KDP, so now, years later, every month I receive a small bank transfer relating to this little book (and not only that)

in fact in the years to come I wrote other books on the gym, one even reached the top 5 Italian books relating to the gym making me earn hundreds of euros a month (around 100/150/200 euros a month, for a certain period of time, then the earnings began to decline)

In any case, my experience as a writer ended here, with an earnings of several hundred euros, which continue to yield even now, months later.
As I said before, I didn't stand still after learning this latest skill:
It was summer, my best friend and I decided to invest 25 euros each to buy an Indian's Instagram page, and then edit it and publish our content.
We were completely inexperienced in this world, the world of social media and everything behind it...
After a lot of effort we managed to buy an Instagram page with 4000 followers for 50 euros (a long time later we discovered that the seller had completely ripped us off as that page was worth around 15 euros maximum, but never mind, we were inexperienced in this world, we had to start somehow).
Our dream was to grow this page in order to make it become a real job: we dreamed of a page with hundreds of thousands of followers, even millions...

We deleted all the contents of this page and started uploading contents regarding the world of Italian twitch.
It didn't go very well.
Being inexperienced, we had not calculated that by changing the format of the page, many users would not recognize the page they followed before, and therefore we lost hundreds of followers without understanding why
In any case, with this page we had now entered the heart of the action:
-we started to understand how to download content on social media
-how to upload them to other social networks
-how to create a bio
-the various features of instagram...etc

This page wasn't doing very well, and we stopped posting just a few months later

Once again, I had learned new things, this time, without having obtained results but in the future I will discover that all this had to happen, because everything learned in these first phases of "hard work" I would find in the future. I don't know if it is also used in the rest of the world but in Italy they say that at the beginning you have to go through the "gavetta", that is, you have to get your hands dirty to grow and to start doing anything.

After I learned these new skills, with another friend of mine, a little more geek, more computer enthusiast, we decide to open another page and upload as much content as possible

At that time, there were no reels on Instagram and the concept of "viral content" was not yet very firm in our minds. Our intention was simply to upload some video posts in the hope that each of them would receive small interactions in order to increase the followers of the page

We had divided the work. our goal was to upload as much content, therefore, through various macro programming programs, we managed to automate the programming of the content, so that every quarter of an hour, a video was uploaded (which we took from tiktok). Every day 96 videos were published, an incredible amount of spam

Under each video we put the same bio, that is, we invited people to visit our link in bio to earn money.
In the link in bio there was a referral link for a survey site. Each person who registered gave us around 1 euro
The page obtained hundreds of thousands of views as some videos (about 1 per day) went viral (also through the use of hashtags)
As a result, someone who read the caption of the video became curious and went to sign up on the survey site, bringing in some money (around 20 euros for the whole project).


At a certain point, on any given day, I received a message in my DMs from a page that had offered you to join a WhatsApp group, in which it said that there was a community of Italian creators, owners of the Italian meme page.

There's no denying that at the beginning I was quite scared of joining a WhatsApp group (he had left me the group invitation link in the message) as I was afraid that other people might see my number. What if it was a scam? what if they wanted to "steal" my number? what if they wanted to scam me? do you trust? don't you trust? What are you doing?

For a few days I did not join that group, leaving the world as it was.
One day, however, in class, a friend of mine told me that he had managed to get a free SIM card from England.
Practically a few years ago there was a service that sent you a real, working SIM at home for free, and then earned money with the subscription you had to sign up for.
I did the procedure to get this SIM and in a few weeks I arrived home.
I was little, I had never received anything in my home mail folder yet, so I was already excited but also scared of all this.
Despite this, a few weeks later, this sim arrived, I put it in my phone (Samsung galaxy s9 dual sim) and so, with a new number, a new identity different from my real one, I had the courage to enter this whatsapp group with hundreds of people...

I was confused, I didn't know what my eyes were reading.
people who sold pages (what?), people who sold methods (what?), people who sold followers (but in what sense? I thought in my head), people who sold automation programs, people who sold online courses from famous people (even courses that cost 1000 euros and even more), there was everything and more.

At the beginning I also had some problems.
shortly after he discovered that these groups were a community, but it wasn't all anarchic, there were administrators, people who controlled and managed all these WhatsApp groups.
I discovered that there were wars between WhatsApp groups, spam wars, wars in which scammers fought, cyber wars in which they disable your WhatsApp... all kinds of things I've never seen before
this is where I started to get my "training" and begin to understand the dark side of the world of social media

I was saying, at the beginning I also had problems because my number was not an Italian number "+39" but an English number "+44" and consequently the administrators of the group wanted to know if I was a hated scammer who was joined the community with another identity, or if I was a "novice" with a real number

Right away, however, I said that I was an Italian who lived in England, and I can't forget that the group administrator went to see if my number was a real SIM or was it a VoIP number through a website
Yes, in some groups they didn't want VoIP (i.e. virtual numbers) as they were difficult to trace, you could change your identity very easily, they cost little or nothing, they were excellent for scammers

Once the admin made sure my number was real, he officially joined me in other groups as well.
Yes, at the beginning I said that I only receive one link in the DM, from a single group
but every day in the group all users sent invitation links from other groups, often from competitors where, if you entered quickly before the link expired, you could expand your list of groups

being in so many groups was an advantage from every point of view. when these groups began to run out (many were closed, many were banned, many became inactive) a real market was created in which people sold WhatsApp group links for disproportionate amounts of money

There were groups for spam only, groups for followers sales only, groups for Instagram page sales only, groups that made a mistake of sub4sub...etc
And then, as I did with Lego, with magic, with YouTube, with the gym, with Amazon KDP, with Instagram pages, this time too, I decided to embark on a new path within this community.
My new goal was to gain authority within these groups, gain notoriety and trust, to sell whatever I came across to the right users

I'm just saying that you succeed, and not in a superficial way...

For today I want to conclude here and I invite you not to miss the next threads because the best is yet to come...

PS: by rereading my thread I discovered that there are many interesting points that I could deal with, many methods that have worked, many that I could go a lot in detail to share them all of you. If you were interested in any method, process, phase, of any of my projects, tell me that maybe I will open other threads (not here) in which I talk about it in detail to share everything in this fantastic community. I will be happy
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