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Running FollowLiker using phone IP and data for 5 different niches? Call me paranoid.

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by jonzelinski, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. jonzelinski

    jonzelinski Newbie

    Oct 19, 2014
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    I have five different niches. I also have five different phone lines and an unlimited FollowLiker license, though I'm only marketing one niche at this time. These phones only cost me $10/month, and I have 1GB LTE data/line and unlimited 2G after. I know I can purchase IP's for $2/month, but having the peace of mind that these are all separate is worth spending the extra money every month. Plus, I can use them as business phones and phone verification (if needed). Finally, it's just easier for me to make posts using the mobile device's native apps rather than scheduling with FollowLiker. With that being said, I do have a few questions:

    Thought A: Can I use FollowLiker to like/comment hashtags on different niches, using the different phones as USB modems?
    ---Possible route 1: Creating multiple virtual machines on my desktop with each VM running one instance of FollowLiker with one social media niche account?
    ---Possible route 2: Using low-energy devices (maybe 5 old Netbooks or 5 Raspberry Pis) with each device running one instance of FollowLiker with one social media niche account?
    ---Possible route 3: Your idea! :)

    Thought B: Can anyone estimate how much data FollowLiker will use per account? After 1GB of LTE, it is throttled down to unlimited 2G speed. I know FollowLiker is not as data hungry as something like Scrapebox.

    Thought C: Are there any native Android apps that automates likes and comments? Maybe I can run this purely on the phone instead of using my desktop and FollowLiker.

    Thanks in advance!