Running a (semi?)Legit Social Media Marketing / SEO Business in the U.S.?


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Nov 2, 2009
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As I raise some more money from my other endeavors I am gradually hiring offshore programmers to work with me in building bots, while I work out methods (big thanks to everyone who contributes to this site) to build traffic for websites. At first it will be for my own ventures, and admittedly, some of them will be using methods I wouldn't use when working for anyone else, or ever admit to using publicly, but also I think there will be plenty of methods that will be semi-legit, in that sort of grey area, that I could potentially use to provide paying services for clients.

To back up a bit, I have a past in doing web development so I plan on finding clients for this and then often they also want SEO / social media marketing work, which I want to sell them also, I'm wondering what the perspective is on here from people in the U.S. (who service U.S. based clients) as far as what methods they are willing to use for their clients without fear of getting into too much trouble. For example, would running a mass facebook campaign with multiple accounts be ok, especially if its for a legitimate business and not just funneling traffic to an affiliate landing page? I figure twitter is pretty safe as thats such a spammy platform to begin with. Anyways, just wondering what the lines are on this for running an actual business, thanks for any info. I figure most SEO link building is safe since you can easily check nofollow, ******** and you're not mass spamming a single site so its unlikely anyones going to come after you.
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