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Dec 16, 2020
As a way to give back to the community, we've created the new Free Review Copies For Marketplace Approvals section so that sellers can give away free review copies of their top-level service for their Marketplace Thread that's pending approval.

If you're interested in top-level services that are still pending approval and you want help a seller out,

We highly recommend hitting this link which will allow you to "watch" this subforum for all NEW FREE REVIEW COPIES.

OR click on "Watch" located in the upper-right corner of the Free Review Copies For Marketplace Approvals sub-forum. This will notify you via our alerts systems whenever a seller offers a free review copy of their top-level package or service.

Bear in mind that this section does have rules for sellers and reviewers.

Rules For Sellers:
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Rules For Reviewers:
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Staff Role
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Our Marketplace Rules and TOS still apply in this subforum.
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Rules For Sellers:
The following requirements must be met before you can post in this section.
  • Staff Requested - You can only post in this section if a marketplace staff member requested it. Sellers are not permitted to make this request themselves under any circumstances.
  • BST Pending Approval - If your BST is live, then you cannot post in this section. Instead, post in our beta testing section.
If you meet these requirements, then please follow the rules and steps below to get started:
  1. Create a thread that includes the following:
    • The provided BBCode template (you can find this BBCode in your new Approval thread, posted by a Staff member. Make sure to copy & paste it into the new Free Review Copy thread that you're about to create)
    • The FRC BBCode template contains a few sections that you have to fill out:
      • Service/Product Description - here, you'd have to enter a detailed description of what exactly you'd be giving away (this is specified by the Staff in your approval BST thread).
      • Mandatory Prerequisites - in this section, you can specify if your service/product requires something else (i.e. you can only deliver to businesses with an existing physical address in the UK and nowhere else, make sure to include that. Or if you offer web design service but you need the member to pay for plugins that your service don't include, mention it)
      • Who can apply? - Do you want the reviewers who can apply for a review copy to be Jr. VIP members with at least 500 posts? Or perhaps only yellow members whose accounts are at least 3 years old - you can specify that here. The Staff will take your requirements into consideration
      • How to apply? - this is prefilled for you, so you don't have to change it
      • Regular Service Price - this is straightforward. Just enter the price for your package(s)/service
    • Once you've filled out all of that, post the thread and wait for a Staff member to approve it in order to go live
  2. BHW Staff will select the member that will receive the free review copy
    • You must treat this member as a customer. Poor treatment of the reviewer will result in your BST being rejected.
  3. BHW Staff will start a conversation between you, the reviewer, and the Staff member(s)
    • If there are enough volunteers to choose from, we'll select someone within 48h (please be patient, don't DM staff members to push them, respect the process)
    • Unless otherwise specified, this conversation should be the only one you're using to communicate with the members about the product or service.
    • All software/script delivered through the group conversation requires a VirusTotal scan to be completed. Downloads must be done using an approved file-hosting website.
      • The reviewer is advised to run any software/scripts/executable files on a virtual machine. If they don't have one, you will be requested to provide one for them.
    • You MUST respond to DM queries within 4 days or deliver the review copy. Failing to do so would result in the rejection of your BST and an infraction for wasting the Staff and reviewer's time.
  4. Provide your product or service to the reviewer.
    • You may not ask the reviewer to post in your sales thread if it goes live. The reviewer can post their review if they choose to, although it's optional for them.
    • Be patient with the member who volunteered and don't push them if they haven't responded within a day. Allow them up to 3-4 days to respond back to you.
    • Once you delivered your service, wait for the review from the member. Please do not alert us in the approval thread that you've delivered your service as we cannot review it before the customer provides their review. Give them 72 hours to review everything and write their review of your service. Once that's done, we can complete our review of your BST.
    • At no point may you reclaim anything provided to the reviewer.
    • If you wish to provide more than 1 review copy (as specified by Staff), you can do that, however, you must not invite Staff to the DM. Staff members would only monitor and observe the one person we've picked to work it.
    • The sellers are required to deliver everything that's needed for the Staff to monitor the review process
DISCLAIMER: Be aware that giving away your top-level package does not guarantee that your service will be approved. If you, your product, or your service is not up to the standards of our marketplace, your BST will be rejected.
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Rules For Reviewers:
  • You must have a post count/message count of at least 150 + account age of at least 30+ days OR be a Jr. VIP or a Marketplace Seller in order to be a reviewer in this section.
    • Please note that this is open to both free and paid members. However, if a seller wants to add a requirement that they would not give away a review copy to their competitor or someone with less than 500 posts, you must respect this prerequisite.
  • The first response in the Group DM must be posted within 72 hours from the creation of the conversation
  • You must be available to respond back within 3 to 4 days.
    • We know you are all busy, have families, friends, and holidays and life happens, however, we also want to respect the seller's and Staff's time. So, if you know you might not be able to make it, please, don't volunteer.
    • If you can't do this, we'd select another volunteer and you'd lose the review copy
    • You'd receive an infraction for volunteering to review the service but failing to respond on time.
  • Reviewing software/scripts/executable files
    • Any script, software, or executable file will be scanned by Staff to verify it passed Virustotal scan prior to creating the group DM
    • Despite that, the software delivered to you by the seller has not been tested by Staff. We highly advise you to test the software on your virtual machine, not on your main machine.
      • If you don't have a virtual machine, the seller will be required to deliver one for the review of the service
    • Disclaimer: Installing and/or running any software on your own machine would be at your own risk. We highly advise against that.
  • You must provide your review of the review copy you've received.
    • We expect you to write a detailed review of the customer service, quality of the service, etc; and share it in the group conversation. Please note that we might use your review (or a portion of it) in the approval message. It will be anonymous, although you may optionally post your review in the sales thread if it's approved.
    • You must share everything that's needed for the Staff to monitor the review process
  • You must provide proof of delivery for the product or service.
    • Before and after screenshots are acceptable.
    • We need solid proof that the service was delivered and it's as advertised.
Everything that you share (ie login details, business details, etc) in the group DM remains confidential and only the seller and the Staff members would see it.

Note: If a thread in this subforum is locked, that means the seller either picked someone and they're working with them or the review copy was delivered.

Rules For Reviewers - Simplified Chart Flow Explanation


View currently available services here.

Don't see anything that takes your fancy right now? Watch the approvals subforum (note clicking the link will set your account to watch that subforum, learn more about watching subforums here) to be notified as soon as a product or service goes live.
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Staff Role

Just like with any other service, you have a customer and the service itself. The marketplace staff will be there primarily to observe your customer service (i.e., how you treat your customer) as well as the quality of the service, although intervention can be expected to some extent.

Once the reviewer has provided their review, we'll look over everything to check for inconsistencies between what was offered and what was delivered. Depending on the results, the sales thread will either be approved or rejected.

Including the review provided by the member.
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