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    Can anyone point me to a good (free) guide to the best way to do RSS Submissions. I understand the concepts of RSS Feeds but I am a little confused about the different types of RSS Sites - i.e. RSS Directories v's RSS Aggregators

    Does software such as RSS Bot, SE Nuke & Scrapebox all submit RSS feeds to the same RSS sites or should I submit the same feeds to all three pieces of s/w ?

    Should I submit the RSS Feed from all web 2.0 properties where I add content ?

    Should I submit the RSS Feed from any forum profile pages I set up ?

    Thanks in advance
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    RSS Directories show your feed on their site - so your new blog entries or whatever gets backlinks from there.

    RSS Aggregators "aggregate" (assemble, 'build') a new RSS Feed out of several other feeds and make the result readable.

    So what what you could do is grouping the RSS Feeds of your different web20 properties by topic with an RSS Aggregator and submit these aggregated feed to RSS directories. The problem is, that these dirctories are mostly human controlled so that your entries are (just basically) checked for spam etc... Therefore it might be complicated to get profile feeds in there.
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