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    Hey - not sure if this is the right section, but yeah..

    Haven't used RSS before - been reading about it today.

    I want to: Run a site - A page is updated when their RSS updated, how do I have this done automatically?

    Also when the it's updating to my site I want to search through the info with PHP and only display the info I specify in my PHP code..

    Hopefully this post makes sense :S
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    Jun 5, 2009
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    do you mean you want to scrape a sites content for fresh information everytime it's updated?

    This is a pretty hard task to do from the ground up.... it's relatively easy to whip up a mongrel script but something reliable would require more effort, to eliminate duplicate posts and validate data etc.

    if you're running a autoblog on wordpress then look into wp-o-matic, t's a plugin that generates content from other sites feeds.

    if you want to customize your own script learn the following!

    -Cron Jobs
    -regular expressions
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