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RPM Network/Maker Studios Confusion

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by BloodSug4r, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. BloodSug4r

    BloodSug4r Newbie

    Apr 11, 2013
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    So after testing my luck applying to the RPM network through their automated system, I was turned down. It was quite obvious I would be at first as I had a few videos with over 1k views which i'd privated from my channel to start fresh and only around 140 subscribers.

    They then emailed saying I was now eligible for partnership, I went to the site and what would you know.. a channel without videos was accepted. (I have a small community of people who I record/game with and will be making a constant flow of content soon)

    My question is about the contract however, it states:

    I saw this with my small knowledge of how partner programs pay as a 50% payment.. which could be a tiny amount when some pay 70-80%? With the chance that if anything on my channel is third party content such as a game like Battlefield 3.. they would deduct 20% for each video? Giving me a 30% payout? If I was partnered with a normal gaming channel then I wouldn't have any expense for third party gaming content and the RPM network openly accepts gaming channels..