[RP] Need Partners With Loads of Social Media Reach - 80% for You 20% for Me!

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    Moderators, this is a repost of this thread. I posted it here due to the fact that it is far more active then the JV forum, and the members here are far more active. Please, if you feel that it shouldn't be here, delete it - I'm only making a new thread on the premise that it isn't against forum rules.


    Hey guys,

    I've got a little JV up for grabs here, good splits on your side, doesn't require too much work.

    I've created a website which allows visitors to enter a competition to win t-shirts branded with their favourite music artists. Revenue is produced through incentive based affiliate content gateways (e.g. the likes of Blam Ads, or AdScend Media), on which the visitor is required to complete an offer before he/she can enter the competition.

    Being honest, as most competitions run, it doesn't really shine light on the possibility of winning, and almost makes it look like there's a guaranteed prize for everyone. However, there is a clear TERMS link next to the form submit button which clearly states that it is a competition.

    It's high quality, and very well branded with a name to remember, actually a bit of a pun name.

    What I'm looking for is someone who has significant reach within the social media sphere to jump on board and promote this website. I'm talking, say you've got a YouTube channel with 20,000 active subs, or perhaps you've got 500k's worth of Facebook friends.

    Given the nature and ease of creating new competition pages on this website, it's extremely easy for more than one person to come onboard, I can simply replicate/re-create pages for all parties involved.

    As the only work being done on my side would be creation of new pages and maintenance, the shares will be 80/20. That's 80 to you, and 20 to me.

    You will need your own incentive network CPA account, which you will be able to run and control. I will provide you with content/images for incentive gateway/content-locker creation.

    You will not need to give me control of the account by any measure, but simply provide me weekly screenshots of revenue, and deposit my share via PayPal/Wire Transfer every month, for as long as we continue business - to insure this to an extant I would need to know when the network pays out to you.

    I hope you will be an honest partner, however I wasn't born yesterday, so I'll be using tracking links to match up EPC's, and if I see some ridiculously low EPC, I'll simply take down your pages.

    All in all, I reckon this is a fantastic option for someone who's already got social media reach.


    • You don't have ready formed social media reach.
    • You have poor English skills. Not trying to be racist, but regardless of whether your Indian, Egyptian, Kenyan, French or English for that matter, if you cannot construct a proper sentence of English, then don't apply.
    • You want to make an alternative suggestion to the split terms.
    • You

    Those who wish to apply, please PM me for further details. Your best bet is to drop me your IM details via PM and preferably your time zone as well.

    I want to get some people on board as soon as possible. This was an idea that I was going to launch alone, however I quickly realized (stupid me) that I had no where near enough social media reach. Essentially, I'm cutting this project and moving out of the incentive market for now, so I either want to get this venture up with a few partners as soon as possible, or sell it off as a turnkey website.