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Well, I guess we need to consider a different provider. This seller clearly has no interest in new customers.

People have been waiting here in this thread for weeks between responses, and the seller is not active at all; maybe once in a while, they will grace us with their presence.

I even went on their official website and requested Chat Assistance, The Bot transferred me to an agent who accepted the chat but had me waiting a long time for a reply.
I said Hello? Hello? Twice waited for a while, and no reply even though the agent accepted the chat and was marked in green. I then went on to say I had Pre-Sales questions and again waited but no reply. It was only after I typed out I would go find a different provider that the same agent responded with "Hello" according to the transcript (I had already left the chat and rated the chat experience).

If a company can't even reply in a timely manner to Pre-Sales asking questions or asking for the Discount Code...
how can we as customers feel like we can depend on that same company to provide quality technical support when needed and in a timely manner and not make us wait weeks for a reply?

Since 2011 I don't think I have ever seen a BST seller ignore it's pre-sales questions or requests for coupons for longer than a day or two max.

I also am aware that I personally have only waited 1 day thusfar for a reply but looking through the BST history, I see a clear pattern of late, the seller on average replies every 8+ days:

Jun 1, 2022
Jun 6, 2022 (5 Days Waiting)
Jun 15, 2022 (9 Days Waiting)
Jun 28, 2022 (13 Days Waiting)
Jul 13, 2022 (16 Days Waiting)
Jul 25, 2022 (8 Days & Still Waiting...)
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