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Please suggest best proxies for eBay and Etsy account creation and management, and send a test proxy/ discount if possible, thanks.
Please suggest best proxies for eBay and Etsy account creation and management, and send a test proxy/ discount if possible, thanks.
Try SmartProxy with Lalicat Browser to create and manage your multiple accounts of eBay and Etsy.
I'm looking for a proxy mix or proxy that I can run through LibreTraffic/Epictraffic bot. That will register Geotarget on Google analytics page. I've tried about 12 different proxy services and still haven't one that is an unmetered rotating residential proxy service that Google Analytics will register as a Pageview. Basically, all I want to do is have a proxy service where i can land on a page, do some clicking and then close that page, andGoogle analytics registers it as a view and landing on the page from a specific location like UK, US, or canada. If somone has a solution to what proxies will work for this type of thing. I'm all ears :)
I have been using your service for few months and all of a sudden it stopped working to my purpose. Since from the beginning I already use your proxies only for google and none else and now your CS told me you blocked google and asking me many questions regarding my use and says I have to request so I can use google. Its such a hassle and I just want a refund since I only use 4GB out of 20GB that I purchase. If you don't enable google I cant use my bandwidth. I WANT A REFUND.
Hi there

Can you tell me what does the x-forwarded-for look like?

So if it's server -> your service -> destination, is the x-forwarded-for "server-ip, your-service-residential-ip", or do you manipulate the x-forwarded-for so the destination only sees "your-service-residential-ip"?

I want to use proxy for email verification does your service support that, port 25 should be open,if yes I would like to test for one day
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No changes were made, however, the service was re-tested before re-opening the sales thread.
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