ROTATING RESIDENTIAL PROXIES! Get Access to 40 million+ IPs and Be Ready to Go Above and Beyond With BHW-exclusive RECURRING DISCOUNT OFFER

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Mar 16, 2018

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Our proxy pricing is based on traffic

Want a special 15% BHW discount?
What you have to do: simply like the thread and post "NEED SPECIAL BHW OFFER" in this thread.
We will get back to you with a discount code via private message!

Plans eligible to receive a discount:
  • Micro $75 ($63.75 for BHW members) - 5 GB included
  • Starter $200 ($170 for BHW members) - 20 GB included
  • Regular $400 ($340 for BHW members) - 50 GB included
* all Smartproxy plans are recurring every 30 days. Cancel anytime
** coupon code can only be applied to the plans above. Other plans are not eligible for the discount. More info on how discounts work can be found here.

Our refund policy:
You are eligible to receive a refund as long as your payment falls under these conditions:
  • This is your first payment;
  • You did not pay using Bitcoin;
  • You did not use up more than 20% of the traffic available;
  • Your payment was done no more than 3 days ago.
Full refund policy can be found here.

Free tools available with our residential proxies:
  • X Browser – a multi-profile anti-detection management tool capable of running multiple separate browser sessions simultaneously through our proxy pool!
    More info about it here.
  • Smartproxy Browser Extension – connect to our proxy pool in seconds on your favorite browser.
    More info about Chrome version here and Firefox version here.
  • Proxy Generator – create thousands of endpoints with custom parameters on the go!
    More info about it here.
  • Smart Scraper (free version*) – the tightly-integrated no-code web scraping solution.
    More info about it here.
* Premium version available with SERP proxies subscription. You can earn more about the benefits and check the pricing below.
Plan comparisons

SERP proxy pricing

Looking for datacenter proxies?
We also offer a special discount for BHW members for our datacenter plans. Click here for more info.

To learn more about our services – visit this page.

You can find us here:
Email: [email protected]
24/7 Support: LiveChat
Facebook: @smartproxycom
Twitter: @smartproxy_com
LinkedIn: Smartproxy
Instagram: @smartproxy_com
Reddit: Smartproxy land
Youtube: Smartproxy
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For the review, @elliot_smart provided me with access to their dashboard and their proxies.

Service Highlights
  • The proxies are easy to use and the dashboard/site's speed was fast.
  • There's a bit of documentation on the website about the proxies. I've mentioned this before on a few of the other proxy services I've reviewed, but this is something I had wanted to see as an improvement on the other services, so I'm glad to see it here.
What Needs Improvement
  • The speed of these proxies was decent, but I'm sure they could be even faster.
Additional Information
  • Those of you who have used dashboards for proxy services will most likely be familiar with the layout.
  • When you first use a proxy to browse the Internet, a login box will pop-up saying "authentication required". Just use the username and password that you used for the dashboard.

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can we select a particular city or country for rotation ? any review copies ?
The team was trying to on board me yesterday, and I made the payment of 200 USD. so far no account details have been shared with me and no reply after I sent out the follow-up email yesterday.
Anybody has used this service before, is it legit?
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