Rookie's Jouney to Internet Marketing Success

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    Mar 15, 2012
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    I was just reading an old thread about ranking a website using all free services like blogs and other web 2.0 properties. I've already started something like this so I figured I would chronicle my journey on here for everyone else to see. I have a 2 week old wordpress blog right now and have currently built some first tier properties using a facebook page, twitter, pinterest,, livejournal, myfitnesspal, blogger, youtube, webs, and weebly and another blog that I created that is a year old. The old blog, the social media platforms, youtube, and myfitnesspal, will all be very high quality and could essentially be other money sites. These sites have several posts already. The rest of them are brand new and have nothing but 1 post with a link to my money site. I have created all of these sites from the same IP and with the same email address. I've learned that this might not be the best idea and will use proxies from here on out. For a little info on my money site and keywords. I am a part of a start up network marketing company. It is in the fitness industry so some keywords may be competitive. The company name and products however have almost no competition. I have caught the gist that network marketing isn't well liked around here so I wont talk much about the business itself or the products, just about my site and what I'm doing with it. I am working with a team of about 5 serious people on my site. They mostly just blog. I'm the only one working the SEO side of things. There will be continuous content created on a consistent basis since each team member will only have to blog once or twice a week. That's the most important thing, but I want to run the show with this company so just blogging wont be enough. I'm setting out to tackle this like a pro marketer. I'm not completely clear on my next steps. I may repeat my tier one steps with tier two and add in some bookmarking and other methods. I still don't know much about that, but I learn quick. I'm also going to be building backlinks with comments from blogs enabled with commentluv and top commentor. A lot of my work in the beginning is going to be manual. As I learn I will use tools and fiverr, but I want to have a full understanding of how it all works before I do that. I look forward to logging this here and being part of the community.