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Jul 2, 2011
Dear BHWians

Let's cut the fancy designs and talk about this golden deal!

We have started up like any other startup in the world with a new age sports news venture called 'Rolltheball' a couple of months before and worked with some freelancers and launched the platform to monetize the huge traffic of 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Due to fund crunch we couldn't do much in marketing but concentrated well on content and photos, social media etc to create a hype and that helped us to gain some traction. Well, after the world cup, the plan was to redesign and develop the site covering top 10 viewed sports in the world and to design it as a platform featuring sports/health/fitness startups thus by driving traffic to the site. Unfortunately, due to some intense family/personal issues, I am selling it and thought to list it here for sale.

More details about the site have been shared here =>

[MUST WATCH] Keynote Presentation =>

Rankings => Outranking 'FIFA' & ' Wikipedia'. =>
[MUST WATCH] Rolltheball Products/Merchandise Designed =>
[MUST WATCH] Rolltheball Hashtags =>

'Rolltheball' at a glance

=> Premium domain
=> Domain age => 13/10/2004 - 13-year-old domain
=> A very popular word among sports fraternities
=> Every popular sport in the world has something to do with rolling a ball, hence 'roll the ball'.
=> There is even a game named 'Roll Ball' (which is similar to our website name 'Roll the Ball') founded which is from India in which they already have conducted 'World Cups' in 2011, 2013, 2015 & 2017. Roll ball or rollball is a sport similar to basketball or handball that is played on quad or inline skates.
=> The famous idiom used frequently all over the world, 'Let's roll the ball'.
=> A 100 million downloaded game, which is in the same name. (The real buyer would be knowing how to make use of it! :);))
=> Within 3 months, more than 1800 results has been indexed by Google.
=> Outranking FIFA, Wikipedia, CBS Sports, Fox sports etc for many keywords
=> Ranking for many short-term - long tail keywords on Google.
=> Ready to make money website.
=> Exact match domain
=> Search Volume => 49,500 CPC :$0.25 (only for 'roll the ball')
=> Haven't built at least one backlink
=> No SEO is done. (The real SEO's knew what it is!)
=> Multi-Lingual (Spain version live, the rest in loop => Portugal, German, French, Arabic etc)
=> Have been already contacted by representatives of 2 gambling/casino sites for paid banner affiliate links. (not done yet)
=> Live Fb, Twitter, Insta & YouTube pages.
=> Writers are real freelance sports journalists which were from Bangladesh, Bulgaria & UK.
=> Super cheap price but super high-quality content!
=> They are ready to write more and more.
=> Many hidden tricks to outrank the website and that will be shared with the real buyer.
=> Will extend all the digital marketing efforts if the buyer needs it so that I can work on it more and still be a part of the dream that I nurtured up. :)

Price: $13,000

Payment: Through or Wire Transfer

Contact email: [email protected]
Skype: live:info_805560

Refund Policy: No refunds will be initiated after the sale!
Thread Approved

For the review, I asked the seller to verify both their ownership of the site along with some key points they highlighted in their sales thread. The details of the review are below.

Review Information

I asked the seller to verify that they own the site they're trying to sell. They sent me multiple forms of proof showing that they both have access to the site and purchased the domain. After that, I spent time verifying the claims made in the thread.
  • The domain was a premium domain from GoDaddy when it was purchased.
  • The site does have multiple languages.
  • The site has four social media pages associated with it.
  • The buyer will receive the contact details of the current writers of the site.
  • There are a few merchandise designs that come with the website, which the seller shared with me.
While I've approved this thread, please do you due diligence and research the site/ask the seller questions before buying.

For buyers: The quality of the product or service that I receive is what you should expect, or better. If you feel that the quality of the service has dropped significantly, please let us know via the report button.
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Thanks for the review @Zwielicht :)


Do go through the points listed above and cross check it with the rankings. You can also check the number of keywords ranking with Ahrefs. It was 146 - 176 when I checked before. Well, the most important point it is outranking FIFA, CBS Sports, Wikipedia, USAToday, Time, Telegraph and many other sites for long tail keywords. We focussed on 2018 FIFA World Cup first and the plan was to renovate the site to publish content on the top 10 viewed sports which has a unique feature which goes in line with our name, ie, all the top 10 viewed sports in the world are associated with 'rolling a ball'.

It has to be mentioned that we haven't done any link building so far since our entire strategy was to concentrate on the content which paid of well. Anyone who would like to pursue our dream venture, nevertheless to say we will be sharing all the information that we have on 'Rolltheball' along with some powerful hidden strategies which help anyone to outrank FIFA as well as many other top biggies and to rank on top 10 for the money keywords.
"This will be only shared with serious buyers" through Skype/any video chat platforms. You are welcome to ask any questions regarding the site and its future especially how you could make money out of 'Rolltheball' within the next 2 - 3 months either through PM or through our Skype.

Looking forward to your replies :)
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