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    i have a question this is blackhat ... well bluehat actually :)

    this actually comes from bluehat's website about getting large amounts of pages indexed, their were 2 suggestions he made as ways he recommends ... so far i haven't found the scripts that can do it and im wondering if anyone might be up to try to do it or knows where to get them... now i'm a programmer but as i don'thave a pc at home right now (in process of moving and getting new motherboard) and i cant do this at work i figured i'd post to my fellow BHW'ers and ask around :)

    #1 301 redirecting plugin after certain # of days, Basically the concept behind this is a wordpress plugin that could be setup in an autoblog, no adsense no nothing to make it overly suspicious... you load plugin X and a sitemap from your site that your trying to get indexed, say 15-20k links. the plugin would check old posts say older than 30 days and then check google if that page is in google currently, if it is, it would automatically drop the post and place a 301 redirect to one of the links on your 15k sitemap website. and mark that link as done in the database.

    So basically you'd have a crappy autoblog that's just sitting their on a host somewhere pumping 301 redirects to google after x amount of days, to your real site that your trying to get indexed.

    Now i know this plugin doesnt exist yet, but does anyone think it would be possible or worth it?

    #2 Rolling sitemaps... the idea basically was to use free hosts, and to have say 500-1000 links on the page, it would automatically check which of the links are in google, and then remove them from the list and replace them with links that werent indexed yet in google. so sitemap hosted on free php host x would roll the sitemap to get site Y indexed fully.

    any ideas? anyone up to trying to make it? if so pm me and we might be able to talk some more about it, if not tell me what your thoughts are and maybe i'll work on doing it myself when i do get my pc back.