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    Session Title 1: 17 SEO, Conversion, Optimization & Monetization Templates You Can Copy, That We Used To Add $25 Million In Online Sales In The Past 9 Months
    Session 1 Date & Time: Nov 10, 14:00 - 14:55

    Session Description
    Wish you had the budget to spend $50,000 a day or more testing different media, offers, funnel sequences and follow up campaigns to find out exactly what works best to make the most from your online efforts?

    Well, here's the next best thing, because we've done just that over the past 9 months and boy do we have some good stuff to share. Like...

    * How to rank brand new domains in highly competitive niches with our proven content marketing recipe (get hundreds of keywords ranked in the top 5 SERP results within just a few months using these simple tools and techniques).
    * A new email newsletter template we created that consistently generates $150,000 per month (tack this on to any website/list for an instant revenue bump).
    * Brand new split-test results that increased conversions across ALL of our online sites by 21.2% to 53.1% (this is the easiest way to find hidden money in your existing funnels without adding new traffic or spending more on media).
    * The exact process we used to take a "dead" abandoned website we found online from no sales and no list to 700,000 subscribers and $200k/month in sales (again, this was in the last 9 months). We have 120 of these cued up and ready to launch over the next few years.

    Stack the deck in your favor and save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing and mistakes. In this session, I will show you the best of what we've learned so far this year from $10 million in media, 270 split tests and the results of sending a quarter of a billion emails.

    Session Title 2: How To Scale Any Online Business From Cold Start To Multi-Million Valuation In 12 Months Or Less
    Session 2 Date & Time: Nov 11, 14.00 - 14.55

    Session 2 Description
    Over the past three years, we have scaled multiple online businesses ranging from from zero to $250k in value to current combined valuations of over $100 million. In this interactive workshop, I will show you the formula we use to take any existing web business, no matter how small, and rapidly scale it to maximum valuation.

    This is the same methodology we follow with our $25,000 per day consulting clients. It's a simple process, but not an obvious one, so most online business owners miss at least one of the critical pieces of the formula or fail to follow the correct sequence.

    The nice thing about a formula is that, once you know it, you can apply it over and over to achieve the same result. After this session, you will know how you can do this with your existing business and any future business that you own or consult with.

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    Looks extremely interesting. I'd like to see this.
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