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Rocsk79's top 5 video sites (for video marketers)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by rocsk79, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. rocsk79

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    Sep 23, 2008
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    Thought I would share my picks for the best video sites to use for video marketing and why.

    1. YOUTUBE


    The biggest video site in terms of traffic and visitors. You have the best shot of making a video go viral off of this site considering tons of other tube sites feed off youtube. :)

    Its hard to moderate. You can spam the shit out of youtube (if you know what your doing) and it will be hard to catch simply because its not cost efficient for a site as big as youtube to have live staff monitor every single video. Recently bot-filters are getting smarter so my advise is to be careful about clickable links on your vid page. :)

    Its google friendly in terms of SEO. the same methods you applied to make your website number one can be applied to a video now to rank number 1 in google just the same. :)


    It's a lot more saturated than it used to be. More and more vid marketers are turning to the big Y to gain traffic. prepare to compete with thousands more regardless of your niche. :(



    I consider LIVELEAK to be my number 1 "draft pick" for 2010 for vid marketing. visitors are growing and uploaders are still few in numbers. Its a site that could easily get quite large through the years so get in now while its hot. :)

    A vid site known to cater to News from politics to popular international headlines but still anything goes....even sexy vids. Not a lot of competition so even my shittiest rehashed vids get 2-3k daily in views just because the uploader/viewer ratio is still pretty unbalanced (tons more viewers than uploaders). :)


    In a word, longetivity. I have gotten LOTS of traffic from the leak but unfortunetly its all been short lived....about 2-3 weeks to be exact. moderation is strong with this site and any kind of URL promotion gets your account banned eventually. A great site for short burst traffic but I havent found a way around the account bannings....yet. :(



    A reletively overlooked vid sharing site. You can throw up tons of vids that stick. Again, not a lot of competition on this site simply because it isnt well known as some of the other vid sites. :)

    Moderation seems lacking. I have even promoted my URL right in the title of the vid and they are still up (a big NO-NO to any vid site). :)


    In a word, traffic. Although my videos get a steady stream of traffic off this site....none of those numbers are impressive. a great "support site" for your vids but dont expect to get heaps of traffic off sevenload....it just isnt there. :(



    A "mainstream" tube site that allows adult vids. Pretty much any niche can run free here. :)

    A damn good amount of traffic comes from DM and I have had videos just explode with traffic. :)


    Its a crap shoot. I have had vids stick from day one to vids getting taken down immedietly. Basicly, I can't read a pattern with these guys so I always feel like I'm taking a chance when I upload a vid to their site. :(

    Maybes its just me.....but this site seems to run SLOWER THAN HELL. screens take forever to load and uploading a video can lead to several "timed out" errors. Need patience. :(

    5. VEOH


    Good traffic flow and an overall stylish site that attracts more and more people daily. Your vids can get nice traffic off this site. :)

    Downloading is easy and seems encouraged. Most of my videos have been downloaded by viewers so its safe to say they will see them again and once again my URL will flash before there eyes. :)


    Moderation is strict and seems to be getting stricter. Most of my vids from last year are gone. Just newer ones remain. I'm putting VEOH last on my list because I see the situation getting better before it gets worse. :(