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Road to FIRST month of Freedom

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by magdalenanyc, May 22, 2016.

  1. magdalenanyc

    magdalenanyc Newbie

    Apr 29, 2016
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    <Advice needed>
    I hope this is the right place to post it !?

    Hi Guys

    I am very new to the BHW and this is my first post. I spent last 3 weeks reading everything I could on the forum. And there are so many amazing info that you share. I really, really appreciate all the people who open up and share their knowledge and experience with the rest of us.

    A bit about me: I have been in IM for about 3 years - however cannot break it through. I have so much knowledge but somehow I am missing something.

    One of the problems might be that I keep buying new programs, courses and not sticking to anything.

    But to the point. I started to work on a new project called: Flower Project - I created a strategy for it and would like to ask you - your honest advice if it all makes sense to you and if I should invest time and resources into it. As well if you have any recommendations how to make it better.

    Objective: Drive organic traffic to money site via videos with low keywords competition and rank the videos on the first page of Google for those keywords.

    Paid Tools that I have:
    • Magic Submitter for SEO backlinkig
    • Xtractor : for researching low competition YouTube keywords
    • Magic spin writer
    • Hide my ass Proxies
    • Chaptata solver
    • Indexing - did not buy yet.
    The money site gets on average about 100 visits per day (starting this month) (it is only 3 months old)
    I have a Youtube Channel as well about 3 months old with over 500,000 views, over 300 videos, and just crossed 1000 subscribers. (all the views are organic) (it is in a very specific niche which I do not know how to monetize yet)
    Made $160 from Google Adsense - but it is insane how low it is.

    Question 0: Do you have any recommendation regarding the YouTube Channel what can i do with it?

    Part 1 SEO

    1 Chose a niche: Flower Project
    2 Research about 25-35 low competition keywords for YouTube videos with about 50K searches per month together .
    3a create videos for the keywords - one video for each keyword
    (Question 1: is there a minimum length that the videos should be?)
    3b create/write about 300-500 words article
    4 upload the videos to YouTube - optimize

    Now having the videos and spinable (one) article I use the magic submitter to submit the videos with the article.

    This needs a bit more explanation:
    1. I take video 1 with keyword 1 and article 1 and submit that ( +spin it)
    2. I take video 2 with keyword 2 and article 1 - just change the keywords in the article to keyword 2 but I use the same article. + spin it
    3. I take video 3 with keyword 3 and article 1 - just change the keywords in the article to keyword 3 but I use the same article and so on.....
    4. Question 2: do you think this is ok? Or is it going to be too much of similar content?

    I am planning to do this 5 times a week. 2 videos a day. So it will be about 30-40 video submissions per month (depending how I am going manage this with time)

    Question 3: do you think I should do more submissions per day, or less frequently ?
    Question 4: Do you have any advice how to speed up that process?
    Question 5; is anyone here using magic submitter or maybe a different tool for backlinkig? Could you point me out where I could learn more about backlinkig from a trusted source?

    The Magic Submitter dripping campaigns will be set up to 15 days. (Each video will be submitted to 100s of sites in a period of 15 days)

    Question 6 : Any advice regarding that?

    Part 2 Social Media
    I bought FBmarketingautomation software few days ago, however they do not have a good training and I am a bit confused about scraping the audience UID and using them as a custom audience for FB paid advertising.

    Question 7:
    Do you have any recommendations how to approach the social media automation SEO for better positioning? Any tools, resources - I really will be super thankful.

    Part 3 Money site

    I am driving all the traffic to a money site with different offers it is like a store site with different categories.

    Question 8
    Do you think it is better to go with info and e-products or goods? The affiliate fee is super low on the good - does it make sense to even start it. Or should I go with e-products? Or what about CPA offers? Or maybe a mix of them?

    I will update you as I progress with the project and I will be super thankful and supper happy if any of you help me move it forward.

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  2. DankHorse

    DankHorse Regular Member

    Mar 18, 2016
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    Good luck on your journey!