Road Map to Serp Domination... Advice anyone

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    Hey fellow BTW's topguns...

    Ive been on here a while reading and reading and sippin coffee and beer trying to get a roadmap for my site...

    Ive got this site were ive got some adsence on it, im posting menus and giving it away for restaurants to post menus, coupons and specials.

    Its a database driven site, im working on meta tags with longtail keyswords for easy Google ranking,

    Ive got Senuke, and I tested it with Web 2.0 profiles and it works like a charm. I havent dropped links yet wanted advise from you guys. I know must of you promote CPA's, weight programs, craigslist stuff. I get about 1000 visits everyday to my florida and NY pages site and adsence makes me a buc a day. Without any backlinks and very low serps in Google. This is my passion, ive went around to local restaurants here in my town they all love the idea, can you help. Times are tuff and I know sometimes you have to ask for help.

    What would be your ideas on getting up. Articles, alot of linkwheels for each city and state?

    hxxp://www.menusforyou (dot) com

    its broken down State, City and Restaurant. I want to ranch for each state, city and name. A massive task, but Ive got Senuke.

    Please any ideas on where to start.

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