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    I have bought Master Resseller Account From RLSHOSTING because i needed cheap hosting for some of my domains.
    Paid for 1 year so i got:
    1 free Domain
    1 Resseller Hosting Plan
    And extra i have paid for 1 year Dedicated IP.

    At first when i checked out The IP given. I have found already 24 websites on this IP hosting. After 4 emails, in the end they gave me a new IP.
    But in my Resseller Hosting WHM Account List it was empty. I thought my Domain which i registered should be in this list. And from the member panel i was unable to change DNS settings of the Domain. Asked Help to support. The said they just registered the Domain for me. All should be ok now. But nothing changed.

    My domain i registerd was lets say mmorpgfree.c0m. Dns Addresses was ns1.mmorpgfree.c0m and ns2...

    After 4 days i have decided to check what is wrong with this domain. And Find out it was even not REGISTERED! It was free to register on Goddday!

    So on 5th day registered by namecheap this Domain my self. Went to paypal Claim about the situation.
    But Suddenly Paypal refused because this is Virtual Goods.
    So i emailed rlshosting support and asked for help today. i don't know what they will answer me.
    So what will you suggest me?
    I can not get my money back. Can my Resseller Host work without a Domain registered to it? I think i can use default DNS on Domains settings. I have cpanel, Whm but no domain.
    What should i do?
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    Read reviews on rlshosting all over google. The guy is shady as hell. I had issues with him myself. I was desperate and looking for a quick host for some LP's. Paid a year up front, he went in and deleted entire folders, and when I questioned him on it he disabled my account to log in to support.

    I suggest you call paypal and talk to someone direct. "Virtual goods" or not, you never received it and when you tell them what you purchased it may help in your favor.
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    We are sorry for the domain issue and the quick action on the dmca notice. We promise to you and anybody that it won't happen again. If you have any issues again, please contact us by email. You may follow us on twitter and contact us via facebook. We are very sorry for these unfortunate circumstances and we hope that we got it resolved to your satisfaction.