rited For $50 I will make you top favorited, top ranking, or most discussed

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    I am offering to make your youtube video top ranked, top favorite, or top discussed within one day guaranteed! The Price Is $50!

    I can also make your video top discussed within only one-to two days.

    My method is by using my paid programs tube automator , tube spinner, and tube booster. I am using accounts made NOT using catch all methods, so your video's are less likely to get banned.

    If your video is deleted which sometimes happen depending on the quality of your video regarding youtubes tos then I will refund 50% of your money because this DOES take time and I do have videos that stick using my own same methods.

    If you need proof I can provide proof of my LIVE videos on youtube... just pm me

    If you like my service then please post reviews.

    Note: For safe measure's you may choose to have your video uploaded on a fresh youtube account.

    also, you will be placed on the front page of either top favorited, top ranking, or most discussed under your category (ie.. howto & style).

    If you are interested please pm immediately!! Thanks all
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    hey dude there is a freelance section if you want to pimp your ass