Rinse & Repeat Graphics Task: Coordinated color sets of Graphic Elements for Mobile Sites

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    Created a standardized mobile website template ... need to create numerous coordinated color sets of the graphics elements (e.g. back_btn.jpg, body-bg.jpg, submit_btn.jpg, etc) & the corresponding hex colors for the background, text, hover, etc ...

    This would allow my client to simply select a suitable "color scheme" ... I'd use the correct colored set of images, change a couple of hex values in my style sheet & then would be ready to drop in the clients logo, pix & text ...

    And: (1) you don't even have to create the graphics elements from scratch because I'll gave you actual samples in different colors, (2) I have pix of about 3 dozen of the color combinations I need ... plus as a graphics artist would want you to use your imagination/experience to create other popular color combinations ...