Rhapsody = Unethical

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    They claim $10 per month to listen to EVERY song EVER created, and be able to make playlists, etc. Here's the commercial.


    It's $10 per month to access the library and listen to OLD songs, not newer ones or the best selling. They charge for those. Oh but they do let you sample 30 seconds of the songs. That's it.

    I'll use Red Hot Chili Peppers as an example. The CD release years may not be exact, but it'll get to the point what they think a "new" song is.

    Stadium Arcadium (2006) - Have to buy.
    Greatest Hits CD (2003) - Have to buy.
    By The Way (2002) - Have to buy.
    Californication (1999) - Have to buy.
    One Hot Minute (1995) - Have to buy.

    So basically, I had already paid $10 fee for ACCESS to buy the other songs. WTF. It's like iTunes with a $10 monthly fee. Why don't I just use iTunes then? Fuckin' idiots.

    I even tried to get away from downloading music from Limewire and Torrents. Rhapsody was TOO GOOD to be true. Just a heads up.
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