Rhapsody Affiliate Program: Bad Reporting, Scamming or WHAT?


Mar 8, 2007
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Wondering if anyone else is having problems with the Rhapsody affiliate program.
I am having two problems

The reporting has got to be way off because I have been running the ads for about a month with about 100 in earnings. You may want say "stop that", but the fact is that about 50% of my site is integrated with Rhapsody. This is something else that makes me wonder.
I check my exit pages and about 15% of them are Rhapsody. This does not mean that they left my site. It simply means that they opened a Rhapsody playlist.

The playlist themselves have a link to "start free trial" that prompts listeners to do so throughout the playlist. I am wondering, Are they scamming my traffic by having people sign up through my playlists rather than using my affiliate link.
And if someone "*clicked*" the normal affiliate link upon entering my site, and then signed up through a playlist, am I missing that too?

Also, putting together a Rhaplink is not like iTunes, it's a real pain in the ass.

OK, I KNOW this sounds a little fishy, so has anyone else had problems with this company?
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