Rewriting Articles to make them Power Article Rewriter Friendly

Discussion in 'Misc' started by BMXRider, Nov 23, 2008.

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    I seen the idea and I thought that I could give it a go for a bit of a cheaper price because I am also doing it to improve my writing skills. I will rewrite articles of your choice to make them friendly to most article rewriting programs (Like power Article Rewriter etc). From this, you can then insert it into a rewriter which can generate many more articles from it, looking very unique.

    I will make every as variable as possible, including as many sentences I can think of so you have many options and unique articles produced from it.

    Service Rates (Per Article):

    Less than 400 words: $14
    401+ Words: $20

    So, let's have a quick math lesson hey?

    Average Article Price (Associated Content): $3
    Article Length: 400 words
    Possible 60%+ Uniqueness Articles to be Generated: 20

    $3 x 20 = $60
    $60 - $14 = $46

    Well, $46 profit per article isn't bad now is it? It's a win - win situation. Or you could go into bigger figures, and say the $46 profit per article, with me rewritten 10 articles means a massive $460 profit, maybe a new trend for you to live off?

    So you ask why am I not doing this myself and making more profit? Well, to be honest, I don't really like AC that much and they banned me for making some funny remarks on their forum (which I would share, but it got removed). Also, I hate waiting those 6-10 days, that really annoys me!

    Yes! Review copies are available to prove I am not trying to scam you or anything of the like, I've been scammed enough and I hate them type of people just as much as you do! 2 Copies will be available. You must be Jr. VIP+ and I will do 1 article per review copy (So 2 articles, 1 per Jr. VIP). If you get a review copy, please post a review back here or I'll be in an even worse mood than I already am tonight (With my girlfriend, she's nagging again!)

    First customer gets 50% off up to 4 articles(Review copies don't count lol).

    Maximum articles per day: 20
    Expected Article Completion Time: 24 hours

    Shoot me a PM to place an order. You can also contact me on [email protected] if you need me ;).

    Bulk Discounts:

    Yes, to save a load of posts flying in asking for bulk discount prices, I'll just put them here.

    20 Articles = 10% Discount
    50 Articles = 15% Discount

    To stop me denying many people service because somebody has placed a 1000 article order which will take a while to deal with, the maximum order size is 50, however, you may make another order after I have completed that one.
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    I would like to start by thanking you for my review copy. The service provided was outstanding! BMXRider's service was more than exceptional for the price:). He provided me with a syntaxed prepared article for SENUKE. I checked over all spelling and grammar with MS Word and I found NO errors. BMXRider completed the article in less than 24 hrs and saved me 20 - 30 minutes out of my part-time work day. I will definitely save his contact info.
    Overall: Easy to deal with and proficient. Score: 9.5 out of 10
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