REWARD: Huge traffic spike then drop for "" keyword


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Mar 14, 2009
NOTE: The site has ALWAYS been number one for a "" search or "domain" search, and still is, that has NOT changed.

In September I had a huge traffic spike for my domain as a keyword "" and it ran good through October then died. I was making 4-6x my daily earnings. Right when it died I had a spike in direct traffic, and now that's also dying.

I've barely touched the site since July, and I did not do any video promoting that would explain why people were typing in "" at Google. I though perhaps my website wasn't loading, but I'm using and it reports a downtime of only 3 minutes every day, and a http loading time of .9-2 seconds.

Is there anyway to explain this? I'd really like to figure this out!

REWARD: If someone can explain why this happened and how to get it back to how it was, I'm willing to pay a large reward, at least three digits. search

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Well couple things come into mind,
A. your competition out ranked you for those keywords since you neglected your website and haven't really done any SEO work.
B. your website content is getting old search engine like it when a website receives new content at least once a week again this is due to the fact you neglected your website.
C. You haven't done any marketing for your website, and just like any trend or hype it dies out.

I recommend getting back to work, SEO(back links, keywords), Promotion(social bookmarking, Aricles, Videos) and slowly get it back up to date.
Have you compared with the traffic trends of your top competitors? If they are experiencing the same thing then it's safe to say that the general market interest of your niche is having an impact in terms of traffic.
selection, thanks for your input, however that doesn't seem to be the case. I've always ranked #1 for "" keyword, and am still ranked #1, so I haven't been penalized for that keyword yet, probably because it's my domain name.

It seems there was a surge in searches for my domain, but I have no idea why.
businessminder, I have not compared trends to my competitors, I should do that. However I still find it odd that I had a huge increase in searches for my domain name exactly.
maybe something went viral or maybe a tv show or something where people read it unclickable or heard the domain name and the then typed it direcly
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