[REVIEWS WANTED] FREE Review Access To a *PREMIUM* PBN Service!

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Sep 8, 2015
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I'm looking for 10 Jr Vip members to review my premium PBN rental service.

The service has been running for a while with great success and I figured I would launch it on BHW with discounted prices for fellow forum members.

Main Criteria:
Jr Vip/Donor with 100+ posts
Regular member with 300+ posts

What you will get :
3 homepage links surrounded by semi-spun + manually modified content on the powerhouse domains for 2 months. Content surrounding the links is always relevant to both theme of the website and your target URL.

Average status of the domains:
  • TF 17+
  • DA 25+
  • PA 32+
  • Unique REF Domains: 100+
  • Multiples IPs
  • Multiple registrars
  • Unique personas mixed with hidden whois
  • Regularly updated with fresh content
  • CrowdSearchMe traffic boost
  • long-tail keywords traffic boost
  • social syndication

What I need from you:

Review in two parts...
1. First impression

- how you're liking the domains, support, etc.

2. Results
- it usually takes 3-10 days to receive first kick in the SERPs and then another 2-4 weeks for another one. I'll need you to report on both. (we'll keep in touch via PMs)

Review conditions:
Make sure your keyword isn't extremely competitive for optimal results. These links are powerful but they are only 3 still.

It is best if there's no other linkbuilding going on to the target URL at the time of review.

Also, your website must be in good standing aka not penalized.

I don't accept pharmacy, hacking, gambling, terrorism, hate, racism etc. target URLs and anchors.

Each link costs around $15/m and you're receiving 3 of those for 2 months. So that's $90 for free.

How to Get Free Review Copy:
Show me your interest by commenting below. After that I will PM you link to submit form.

Thank you in advance,

PS: We're probably in a different timezone, so pls don't freakout when it takes some time for me to respond.
I'm in. Will give a nice review of the service.
Definitely would like to review!
Interested if slots available.

Sounds good, I have a newly launched website, that could use this service to kickstart for rather simple keywords.
Buzz me if you have slots.
Interested.. I can test it on one of my website
Count one me for an in -depth detailed review and i have a moderate competition site.
I'm interested in trying your service in return for an impartial review.
Thank you all for showing interest in my service. All slots are filled.

Time to let the reviews flow in now.
My first impressions of this service - The sites look 100% legit - Looks like lots of time and effort has been spent in making them look and feel like legitimate sites - different themes, heavy customization, multiple and active social profiles etc. They simply look like genuine money sites. Content is very good, reads well and the stats are good. I could only check TF/CF but average for both was TF23, CF38. So very nice.
OP clearly also knows how to ensure that absolutely no footprints are left with these sites.
Will post update when I see any change in ranking.
First Impression

I got my report today. Sites looks really good, nicely design, unique/different theme, all 3 site got social media profile, article is quite good, very handsome domain.

Site 1:

PA: 41
DA: 32
CF: 39
TF: 17
Ex. B.link: 492
Ref. Domain: 58

Site 2:

PA: 46
DA: 34
CF: 34
TF: 28
Ex. B.link: 767
Ref. Domain: 101

Site 3:

PA: 34
DA: 36
CF: 42
TF: 25
Ex. B.link: 18
Ref. Domain: 10

I'm sure i will see some kick in serp after a week

Initial Review:

I'm grateful to be be able to review this service.

My initial impressions are the domains are rock solid. Great metrics as you can see:


Crawlers also aren't blocked through Htaccess either, @tiberius has gone about it in a way I haven't seen before.

Also, the content, format and template look even better than the site I have linked! I know some people don't care if it looks like a PBN or not. At first glance this does not, so even if it fools your competitors its worthwhile.

I'll be sure to report back with SERP news as and when!
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