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[Reviewers] Conversion Rate Optimization - Get more of your landing pages !

Discussion in 'Service Reviews & Beta Testers Help Wanted' started by Frogserv, May 26, 2014.

  1. Frogserv

    Frogserv Regular Member

    Jun 21, 2011
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    Paris, FR
    Sending traffic to a landing page which is not optimized for conversions is a mess.

    I'm preparing a BST for this service and I would like some reviews before.

    The review will be for :
    • A/B testing only (multivariate or funnel testing will be available on the BST but not for this thread)
    • Conversions can be Signups, Clicks, ...

    Reviewers requirements :
    • The LP must have at least 300 visitors per month
    • No FTP or WP credentials required
    • Must agree to put the JS code on the website :) We will use Optimizely.
    • I can use your results (conversion uplift,...), not your LP URL in the BST
    • At least 500+ posts
    • At least 15-30 days for the final results

    I will tell you the tests I'm doing.
    At the end, I will provide you the final results and what to do.

    Just Post here. DONT PM ME ;-)
    I will randomly select 5-10 Members.