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Jul 23, 2008
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I dont know if this is a right place to post this thread. Admin can transfer this thread to the proper place.

Anyway, i'm just hired a writer to wrote articles for me NOT because i'm very busy person, but because my english is so horrible.

That's why i need some help here to review some of the articles that the writer had already wrote for me. I knew from my observation that there are many fellow blackhatter here are willing to give honest review just about anything.

Three of the articles as below:

Article 1
At the present time, by making used of a highly developed Video Web Player you could effortlessly change your videos into influential marketing tools. Video Web Player marketing is a rapidly growing sell and the following resolution could effortlessly get you there. Would you like to learn how to program and put in a movie to a Webpage? Here?s how.

Acquiring a number of basics is an essential tool in making a movie on your page. The whole processing system of Video Web Player focuses on changing your videos from the raw format in to Web format known as the Flash-Video or the.FLV. In the next step you just need to put in an uncomplicated and short code to the html page and transport the files into your Web's hosting server. Only for you to be acquainted with - this encoding procedure, in point of fact, produces streaming web videos - they are at the same time being relocated in real-time, as a result that they are being established in an uninterrupted stream.

Fast advantages and profits in Video Web Player

Video Web Player is a technology that rapidly brings instantaneous and apparent advantages:
  1. It allows to auto-redirect the visitors to an associate link & acquires a percentage of their purchases.
  2. It allows redirecting visitors to the newsletter sign up page.
  3. Fast and simple upload of the video files.
  4. Website(s) guests today act in response to movies than to text.
  5. It allows choosing your most wanted player skin.

We could straightforwardly and clearly come across a lot of other huge advantages supplied by this significant online promotional tool only for the reason that it opens up a variety of opportunities that allow us to better prop up any new-fangled or existing business online. Video Web Player allows you to prop up your business online much more efficiently by utilizing a visual and pragmatic illustration of your services and products. It is suggested to check it live in order to look at as well as see how it could easily get better efficiency of your business online.

Article 2
The online world is factually tired of banner ads being spattered over and done with pages and advertisements taking on the space. Initially, they are not as fascinating like they used to be. Why are they not attention-grabbing? Well, component of the grounds is since there are much more imaginative and stimulatory techniques of advertising out there currently on the internet. For example, the most fascinating of them all in the year 2009 is the video marketing.

Video marketing gives the customer with in excess of just a attractive ad to give an impression at. Video marketing promotion has several ingredients that make it the marketing technique that more individuals are cautious about. Customers pay more awareness to it for the verity that other individuals are intriguing. If you are on your video chatting about your newest endeavor, individuals would listen. They would particularly listen if you throw a beguiling title on your video and if you begin it out motivating. Create it all on them and not so a lot on you. Notify them what is in it for them plus you would discover that video marketing is a portion of cake.

Once you make your video, it is significant that you deal out your video when possible. Yes, sitting at the PC doing it by hand is a very intimidating task. In point of fact, a lot would choose to jump of a airplane from 120,000 ft than having to be seated and deal out your video to 70 or more video websites by hand. The excellent news is that your video marketing promotion does not have to engage you submitting by hand. This is probable since there are group video submissions tools that you could take benefit of. Video submission software similar to this stays you from having to be seated and by hand submit for hours on last part. All you have to carry out is telling the agenda what to accomplish and it does the have a rest of the job.

Briefly, if you have not so far tried video marketing, it's time you provide it a bustle in 2009. Ensure to consider if you need an easier means to submit. By the click of your mouse you could be on your means to success, supporting in the proceeds and having a grand time.

Article 3
Watching online video has reached conventional levels by means of 8 out of 10 Internet clients currently streaming video and here are some of the compiled market figures here on the swiftly growing internet video marketing segment and the possible it holds for companies upholding their services online.

  1. 78 percent of respondents consider video makes content online more compelling. (Universal/KnowledgeStorm) Brand understanding doubles when utilizing Online Video.
  2. YouTube has go beyond Yahoo to turn out to be the 2nd major search engine subsequent to Google, through 5 billion U.S. video presentations on YouTube in the month of July 2008 only and at present charges at least $175K for each day flat payment plus a $50K incremental use on YouTube and Google more than 90 days.
  3. Only just, the Guardian newspaper envisaged that by 2009, internet video marketing would outspend conventional television publicity for the first time.

Internet video marketing gives an exclusive possibility for any business on the Internet, to increase a considerably bigger part of the market allocation. The disputes faced by businesses in this downturn hold huge chance to support their business by utilizing a cost-effective, high return advertising line of attack.

To take benefit of this swiftly growing advertising and promotion chance on the internet, there 3 significant steps of movement:

  1. Optimizing Videos - for greatly money-making results, get appropriately optimized, and extremely converting video ads formed.
  2. Internet Video Marketing - for Google search side rankings, acquire the advertiser's videos promoted on web 2.0 sites and some other high ranks sites.
  3. Enhancing Website - for elevated Google search page rank, get your site search engine very optimized.

Market study has found that when companies learn on the important bottom-line impact of competently formed, search engine optimized internet video marketing - and the little cost evaluated with budgets considered necessary for local and general television, paper and magazine promotion - businesses bound at the possibility of differentiating themselves as of their contenders.

Consequently, now is the time to bind in advance your competition. Any business could do well utilizing this, exhilarating, contemporary, and most prominently, efficient video means, particularly in times of trade and industry downturns.

Thanks in advance for the honest review.
Hello Anwar101!

I don't know a nicer way to put this, but if my writer gave me these articles after I paid him/her, I would ask for a refund. :eek:
Hello Anwar101!

I don't know a nicer way to put this, but if my writer gave me these articles after I paid him/her, I would ask for a refund. :eek:

Just as i thought, the writer gave me a poor quality of work. He might be using content spinner software to wrote these articles :(
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