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    Hello, I started some CPA programs recently and like many people here, i don't want them to find out where the traffic come from. I'm quiet not sure of what I am doing so it will be very appreciated if you wouldn't mind give your opinion about my strategy.

    First i got a clean and beautifully landing site with many article about some products i'm promoting.
    My goal is to get a lot of banner impression to feet the standard of the impression/click rate of other website like mine.
    The problem is that i can't get all banner together in the same page so I was thinking of creating a new page ( located in my TLD ) with only ifram on it. Each ifram goes for one banner, this way i can merge all my banners together ( even some of others of my websites ! ) and get a normal impression/click ratio.
    To get people to this page I will insert a php code on my homepage who looks like this
    If visitor came from [ black hat traffic];
    If yes >> include [ merged banner page]
    If no >> write " hello i'm just a cool website"
    This way I get traffic on my homepage which is good AND i get traffic on my merged banner page which is my goal.
    The php script is here to protect me from curious people who tries to access the original source code.

    In a second time; I need traffic on my affiliate link to do that, I'm thinking of doing some ifram with the very same technique:

    If visitor came from [ black hat traffic];
    If yes >> include [IFRAM]
    If no >> write " hello i'm just a cool website"
    This way I don't have to double meta refresh nor fake referrer.
    and i'll meet the standard of other website of click/sell ratio.
    It don't have to be attractive or good looking because I'll be running a incentive cpl/cpa, cashback website but it just have to be good enough to not raise flag of my CPA account manager and my principal concern is to get a normal impression/click/sell ratio

    Thank you for reading all my post, now I would like to get your opinion about my technique, does it make sens ? or i get all wrong :p ?
    If you found my technique insanely good let me know ! send me a PM and i'll send you back my paypal address ( nop just kidding)

    Also, since i'm here, I'm looking for traffic to my website, It doesn't have to be quality traffic but it must come from a certain country. Let me know your offer !