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Review my FB ads account method please.

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by airex, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. airex

    airex Newbie

    Dec 1, 2015
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    I am just trying to make a few accounts for 100% legit ads.

    1. Clone my master vmware with windows 7.
    2. Use a private proxy from myprivateproxie, use chrome webrtc blocker extension.
    3. Create gmail accounts one for personal and one for business.
    4. Create standard fb account, then fb business account.
    5. Create 2 business and 1 personal ad account.
    6. Wait one week with accounts logged in, do some minor browsing on facebook.
    7. Create ad on business account, ad payment details at end of ad creation.
    8. Use boa debit card with address changed (changing name doesn't seem possible) to where fb thinks I am (I used where it thinks my hometown is when adding it to "about me".
    9. First ad is just a page post engagment ad for $5.
    10. Wait 5 days add a website conversion ad for $10.
    11. Ad new ads/increase price every few days for a month and then keep scaling up.

    1. I use shopify, will making a url redirect be enough for facebook if I am using the same landing page as a suspended account or will I need to change landing url and page?
    2. For fb pixel shopify has a place where you put the pixel id fb gives you, will this link me if I put the new accounts id in place of an old one that was already linked?
    3. Google showed my location on proxy in kansas, yet facebook suggested I was in arizona, thoughts?
    Anything I can improve? I realize that fb can detect my browser version/plugins operating system/resolution etc. Do I really need to change this in between accounts?