Review my brand new sites and how i work my seo.

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    Hello, I am new to IM and decided to just have a go at it. My website is by no means completed and I am getting more articles. This website is purely for my SEO testing/experiment. I have used MArket Samurai, Niche finder,etc to search my keyword as best as I can and found an EMD (.net) All articles (only 3 now) are unique which I bought them.

    The theme is Pr0fits theme and havnt done much design to it yet but will later. Check it out and please advice me what I should be doing to get more On page SEO. I use All In one SEO, Easy Privacy Policy,whydowork adsense, xml-sitemap plugins.

    Well I have bought my vps which includes AMR,Senuke,Sik submitter, TBS, scapebox,etc which I havnt have much time to learn them yet :) Just bought it so I can really learn from this.
    The 1st thing I do is used Senuke and made some campain which include Social Network,article directory,forum profile pointing to article directories, and social bookmarked. Thats just about it.
    This was done 2 days ago. But when I search my ranks in google,yahoo, there is not even in 1000 positions it seems. Am i doing something wrong? And also the articles spinned were pretty bad which i used the default Senuke spinner, so i think most of the articles is junk. Can that be it? Or my on page seo is wrong? What is the best SEO strategy now days for a new medium competition site need. I think I will be able to do most of it through my VPS now. And also for Senuke users what according to you is the best templates for new micro niche sites? Like The full monty/link Pyramid/etc.

    Here is my website articlesonnutrition <--- just type it in google and will be on 1st. Need advice from the pro. :)