Review: Google Chromebook / Google Chrome OS. 7/10 Stars

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by ClThis, Jun 7, 2011.

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    I hope you see this Google!


    I got two of these, the first coming in December and the second a few weeks ago. Both are de-badged, all black, straight from Google pre-release and fit for a review here.

    The Good

    Load time and screen reaction time is phenomenal. Thats because this thing doesn't store anything.

    Battery is awesome. I've used it two different times so far in the last 24, watched a movie, a total of 12 hours of use and half battery life full.

    Screen resolution is awesome

    The Bad

    Google is looking to change the evolution of computing as we know it with this computer. The keyboard is not at all a traditional keyboard going as far as removing the caps lock button - give me my caps lock button - and replaced with a magnifying glass that opens a new tab.

    There is no dashboard and you can only have one browser. Google really wants you to store everything in a virtual cloud - which is not bad seeing how the article about a 2016 $16b industry and iCloud just coming out but I am annoyed already by my lack of ability to put a tab down.

    The net connection does not stretch as far as my Apple.

    This will be fixed: Browser extensions are limited. No SKYPE?!?!?

    The Ugly

    I know they will have badges on them when they are released but this mother f'r with no badges and all black is the hottest piece of ass ever.


    Ask questions. Honestly this review sucks cause my hands are cramping using this keyboard and I am still not used to it.

    Google, I know you did your case studies so I trust that this thing will take time getting used to and like the internet lets hope you change the world
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    id rather even get a mac than this useless thing
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    how did you got this? how can I get one? how much $$$