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REVIEW: Craigslist eAssistant (AutoPoster)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sorn2008, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. sorn2008

    sorn2008 Newbie

    Apr 8, 2008
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    Tools Needed

    Craigslist eAssistant v3.2 (found here)

    Craigslist Credit Refiller (found here)

    Ok with that out of the way


    Craigslist eAssistant is by far one of the best CL auto posting software i've used. Although it does have some qwirks, the benefits far out weight the slight inconviences.

    Saved Templates
    Captcha Bypassing
    Built-in IP Changer
    Intuitive Interface
    CL Account Creator
    Multiple Email/CL Account
    Random Text to create the illusion of unique content to the Auto Dupe Catcher
    Youtube support

    Built-in IE Browser
    Hard to multitask while submission process is in effect
    Can't Turn off the Popup Messages
    Slow updates at times

    So you can easily create your ads, just as easily as you can build a webpage in dreamweaver, it's a toned down version of a WYSIWYG editor (using only the tags that CL allows). However to do cookie stuffing you have to switch over into HTML mode and paste your stuff code manually. Name your ad, flip a few options (all these can be found by playing around with the software) And save.

    On to the Submission process, Select any number of ads to start posting, it even asks you if you want to submit them all at the same time. After that select your cities, and hit Start Submission.

    Each text ad costs 1 credit to post to craigslist, each video ad to youtube costs 5 credits. Easily remidied by the Craigslist Credit Refiller!

    During the submission process it will split the ads up equally amoung the accounts you are using at submission time, Login to your account, post the ads, and enter the captcha automatically. A full one ad US submission takes roughly 30mins-1hr to complete 361 cities. I suppose this varies on your PC, Internet Bandwidth, and the current traffic at CL at the time of posting.

    Some bad things I experience when using this, is while submitting the ads the program kinda takes over the pc, not full but it keeps focusing on itself when submitting, this is especially annoying if you are trying to type in mIRC in our chat channel! :D And the Status Message boxes pops up after each successful submission (REALLY ANNOYING) plus there is no option to turn it off.

    I didn't cover everything on my pros and cons list, most are self evident, or you can play with the features yourself and try them out.

    Overall I would say this software is a Grade-A product and is worth the money if you wish to purchase it. But the trial version + the credit refiller are enough for me!