Revenge Of A SEO - Do You have Dare To Challenge ?

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    well this is one of the real time incident happen with one of my seo friend long time back . just sharing it here .

    He is working for a company and did not get the salary for few months. he ask the owner for it 2 -3 times and after that he had a fight with the owner and at last the company owner kick him out of the company.. he thought probably get the salary at the end of the month but company eat his three months salary.

    Now he had vary bad days those time and always thinking about how to take revenge on it. After a month of job less he found another job .. but always planning about the revenge ..

    Here is what he Did !

    First thing he did is post of article about the about the company describing all the negatives in complain boards/ forums with targeting the keyword on which the company website ranks. " XXX company salry" etc... Actully these complain boards post are very easy to rank and it comes instantly to the top of google if you just target with keywords.

    Now the interesting thing is he is not alone in this world. with in a month he got tons of comment on the article that the same company eat many employees salary.

    Now on the second month he replayed to all the comments and gather a group of people who all have similar problem. and target to get the company out of business.

    here is what they did !

    Found all the company websites and scan all through resrve who is and found all sites hosted on the ip.

    Finding all the sites which are targeted with adsen*e or any other ad networks.

    Gathering keywords on which all these sites get traffic .

    Now for each site post few number of Sh**y articles on complain board with targeted keyword and make some book mark link for the articles.

    what will happen with this ? when some one search for XX company review ,,, then it comes with those article and for that the company will loose all the up coming clients.

    Run few proxy clickers for few days in all the adsens site / all other adnetwork in only 2 -3 .

    Make a ton of automated crap spammy / adu*t links for these site.

    well? This is an 100% ban from ads and the domains will be blacklisted by google.

    and in few months all the domains of the company are kicked out of google.

    so the suggestion is to not steal some ones hard earned money. !
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    I think they were just think he's a just SEO'er and he doesn't know anything and poor people! lol See what's SEO power lol? Nice Revenge bro!