Revenge against scumbags

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    I will not give specifics for now, but 2 scumbags fired me.

    I want to take from each of them what would have been earn from the 8 weeks the work was going to be. , plus interest.

    Any ideas how to get from each of them the quantity of 5k, plus interest, as a revenge for screwing my opportunity of pay. A was adapting to it, but I was doing fine in the work, but the administrator and the director screw me royally.

    I don't what do silly and useless things like pranks etc. I want a certain "compensation" for the things done in a discreet manner for the anguish inflicted at me.

    Like subscribe the to porn programs (porn programs are the one that pay's the most to my knowledge)

    What do you recommend.
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    Hi there,

    I see that you are clearly upset. I've been there myself. I just found out that some partners of mine stole my product, had it rewritten by a ghost writer and then launched it in my niche and made about $80,000 in one weekend.....

    I could go after em since they even used my products actual name.....

    But thats a waste of time.

    I would reccomend that you just try to suck it up, learn from the experience and be more careful deciding who you work for next time, and spend you time and energy creating your own money making projects.....

    I'm big on karma and I really believe that what goes around comes around....You wouldn't want someone waking up with the sole purpose of hurting you or someone you love, whether it's financial or physical...

    So get rocking and rolling on a new gig and good luck making some money.

    To your success,