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Discussion in 'Cloaking and Content Generators' started by loclhero, Nov 2, 2007.

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    Just wanted to say hi as a noob to posting but a frequent lurker/learner.
    So, one of my sites, the first one I ever created has not been doing well. It's an e-commerce site that I started in 1998 and has been online since. It made me a nice income for some years. Was #1 on Goog for years for my most important keyword and was in the top 10 for dozens of others. My PR6 took a huge hit with the jagger update 2 years ago and never really recovered and now stands at PR3.

    Due to other interests, I've now parked the domain and am making pennies. I'm debating whether to sell it off or, preferably, turn it into an article type site and monetize with adsense and cpm.

    I do not have time to write b/s articles. Can anyone offer advise on an automated article generated or some kind of aggragator that can easily accomplish this without getting slammed by adsense rules?

    Thanks, I love this forum btw.
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    0 and the are the ones that I use. If all you need are articles, then instant article wizard pro should do the trick. There is a yearly fee of $197, but the service is good without a lot of wait time. You will have to edit parts of the article, but it is all human readable. The contentsolution is best for creating rss feeds, feeding content to the blogsolution blogs, and generating hundreds of articles from one article with synonyms. Hope that helps.
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    You probably should have sold it when you noticed the drop off in how much you were making. If the domain is decent and considering it's been around since '98 you still might be able to make decent money selling it off.