retention vs. numbers.

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    I'm really great at making gaming commentaries, tech or programming tutorials and reviews. I have started a new channel because of problems with monetization with my old one. also because partner networks don't accept people with mobile views. So now I'm botting all my views with vagex only because they are desktop views. So someone said that retention is better then view count and they strongly believe in it. My objective is to get as many real views as possible with as many subs as possible so that I can grow to be a big youtuber in a year or two. When I purchase vagex views, i get from 3-9 real views for every 100 fake views. So how do you get more people to view your content? Do you use 300 second vagex views, or 30 second? what will give you more subscriptions.
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    Please test your retention of view length vs just numbers of views. I would recommend people to use their own high anon. proxies BUT not everyone can afford it. Also, please post your findings if you can, so others can test against them. For me I know solidly that view length > number of views for new and old videos.