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    Hey Guys,

    Well, for those of you who don't know, retargeting is probably the most powerful and most successful way of banking via CPM or PPC Networks... honestly, there is mega-bucks in them.

    For those who don't know, retargeting is basically what it says on the tin, Advertisers use your adspace to re-target your visitors, meaning lets say for example they go to Walmart and look at Digital Camera's, and the next day they're on your site, they'll be shown Advertisements for Digital Camera's at Walmart (arguments sake - I don't know if Walmart sells digital cameras and I don't know if Walmart's advertisement strategy lol - but you get the point, right?)

    Anyway, here's a massive list of CPM and PPC Networks that currently offer Retargeting Solutions that I came across whilst trying to opt-out from keep being displayed these ads - some have strict requirements, others don't... the best by far has to be the traditional AdSense for PPC and Criteo for CPM but, for those who can't get those, here's your backup:

    All you have to do is throw up a few Articles on your niche site, drive traffic to them, and you're flying. Maybe it will be this that will be new for 2011? It's been out for a while already... but who knows?

    Good Luck everyone for 2011!!! :)
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    This is a nice list. Thanks!