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    I am using a premium booking calendar 9.0 plugin. So you choose dates on a calendar, fill out a form, then it takes you to your thank you page. So I want to use something like
    <?php echo $name; ?>
    so I can display form data on my thank you page but it isn't working.

    I made a quick sample page if you care to have a look:

    Not exactly sure how the ajax form in the plugin works so I just used firebug to see the field names and
    <?php echo $name14; ?> & <?php echo $secondname14; ?>
    to the thanks page thinking that would display the first & last names?

    So in the plugin admin you can display/add more fields and I just want to be sure I can include those on the "thank you" page.
    If I could include the number of nights and the price that is displayed after clicking dates on the calendar that would be great.

    I made the form simple on the sample but I will need about 10 fields to be displayed on the thanks page.

    If you need more info or a look at the form let me know. Will pay with paypal.