** RESULTS ** Building additional links and social signals to 1 tier web2.0 blogs

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    Oct 8, 2012
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    So I wanted to do a test to see if building different links structures (pyramid and link wheel) to a a few month old tier 1 web 2.0 URL list. I wanted to see if the keyword I was targeting would have any movement in the SERPs. I only choose 5 urls. I did a social signal package (Twitter/Pinterest/FB/GPlus) to 2 of the links, 2 link pyramid and a link wheel. For each of the URLS. Everything was purchased from FIVERR.

    The result wasnt what I expected. I was on the first page 10th position and it dropped me to the second page 20th position. Now I have no idea why it did this. Some of the articles in the link wheel and the pyramid we not about my specific product but they use the same keywords. Stupid contractors didnt bother to read my site.

    Im going to try it again on the same URLS but this time I will add more URLS with the same keyword I am targeting.

    Hope this helps someone.