Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act

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    I heard about this from something like a senator's email broadcasts
    last month. But now, Shoemoney is talking about it...

    NOTE: Guru's usually put themselves in front of stuff like this so that
    they become the information/answer source for the problem. That is why
    I'm not going to bring his name up again...

    This person, talked about the bill...

    Which led me to the bill itself...

    Now... from what I read, this seems to be combating those stupid
    upsells that companies like Amazon were selling. You know the ones
    where you'd buy something and then they'd ask you to sign up for
    a 3rd party membership club that would save you money on shipping
    or something similar.

    But... I couldn't tell if this is going to kill off upsells from something like
    an autoresponder series.

    i.e.: a customer buys your ebook or service and then you ask them to
    purcahse an upsell.

    I don't see any other implications as far as affiliate marketing goes.

    So I wouldn't believe the fear-selling gurus who are using these headlines
    for emails... "Did 99% Of Our Industry Just Become Criminals?" - yeah, that
    was shoemoney (yeah... I just mentioned him again)