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    Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a disorder that affects more than 12% of the US population. It causes people's arms/legs to 'jump' erratically for hours on end, preventing them from getting any sleep whatsoever. People who have RLS have a very intense urge to move their legs, and it is most common at night-time.

    I got the idea for this product because I used to suffer from RLS, and I only found one competing product in the CB Marketplace, which quite frankly, sucked. So I created my own.

    The product is called "Restless Leg Help".
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    There is no information on the affiliate page, except for what I've already posted above. I can create any affiliate materials that you guys need though - just let me know.

    The site just went live on Clickbank, so I do not currently have conversion rates.