Residual income vs one time payment

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    I am setting up an affiliate program for one of my clients.
    They are a credit card merchant company.
    The initial thought was to pay $75 for new accounts.
    Of course the account needs to be verified and active for 30 days, Then the pay out would occur.
    We are also thinking about putting out a $25 or $30 initial payout and then pay a residual for the life of the account.
    These would be all over the board depending on facts such as how much the merchant was processing and or if they were new or established
    But the target right now would be 10% of what my client makes for the life of the account
    An account that was processing 3-4k a month could yield about $10 a month. But that is every month for the life of the account
    We were also thinking once an affiliate gets X number of account to move this up to 12.5% or 15%
    So the question is would you rather have a greater up front like $75 or $100 or the $25-$30 and then residual for the life of the account.
    Also we are thinking of making payments every month or every 2 weeks thoughts on that.
    Being an affiliate marketer as well as a web developer I like the idea of building as much passive income as possible. I would rather go with a little up-front and then residual
    but that is my 2 cents.