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In the 'All Socks' tab. Can you make the proxies viewable already for subscribers instead of clicking it them manually and waiting for "x seconds"?
The option to not show the blacklisted IPs on the list does not look like to be working either.
Your group selector (country, region ,city ,host , etc..) also reset to default when I started clicking the second page under the paginator below

Most of the proxies on the list are already down.


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very very try hard to use this service
1, socks/proxy died NOT remove from database, all sock/proxy "maybe" over 10k but lived 3-4%, see pic checked with my checker tools test

2, can't view multi sock/proxy at time, just view 1 and wait 1-3 sec, but always died all, or lived 2-3/30, see pic

3, can't find with short name of state, ex : CA for California
today added otp sent email to login, this is not good idea, simple and easy use, pls
p/s : Instead of displaying a lot of dead socks/proxies, you should remove them all, as long as they're alive, a little is okay, after all, 35$ can't expect more. but currently it's too inconvenient and annoying for users, it takes too much time to get socks/live proxy, I've commented via telegram but haven't seen any improvement so I have to post it here
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