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    How would guys promote a site reselling SEO services? What in your opinions are the most efective ways to do this? Should I try making youtube videos, or doing retweets? What would do you? Anything goes. Thanks.
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    Jan 11, 2012
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    Proposal Letters/Emails.
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    Sep 3, 2010
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    99% of the "resellers" I have worked with have been morons with atrocious customer service who knew nothing about SEO much less even be able to start talking strategy with me. Heaven forbid I have a question about something. "uh... um... let me run that by my guy." Your guy? What the fuck am I paying you for, then?!

    As a client, I now choose to only deal with the source.

    My SEO guy does all his own work. Of course, he's in a league of his own and isn't part of the 99% of bullshit in the SEO world, which is morons on IM forums reselling bullshit gigs on fiverr and the like. He's also cost prohibitive for most noobs since his stuff doesn't look like this:

    ZOMG 5,000 BACKLINKS FOR $10!!!!!

    I bet those are really high quality :rolleyes:

    So if you're going to be an SEO reseller, don't be another one of the tools described above.
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