Hi folks, thanks for your comments!
Access to the promo code has been sent to everyone, check PM :alien:
Hi all! There haven't been any updates from us for a long time, let's fix it! :alien:
We are pleased to announce several significant updates to our service, which are designed to make your work even more convenient and efficient.

1. The pool of our residential proxies has become even wider!
We added more than 5 million fresh IP addresses. This will allow you to work with an even larger number of unique addresses, ensuring high anonymity and security.

2. Open API
We have introduced an open API to simplify the integration of our service with your internal systems and applications. Now you can easily automate work with proxies, set up rotation, change IP addresses and manage connections directly through the API, which will significantly increase work efficiency.

3. Changes in the payment system
We have removed traffic packages and introduced the ability to purchase traffic starting from 1GB. This is done so that you can manage your proxy costs more flexibly and economically, paying only for the necessary amount of traffic.

We hope these updates improve your Mangoproxy experience and help you achieve better results in your work. Share your feedback, what other updates would you like to see in the near future? :rolleyes:
Hi folks!

We are pleased to inform you about the latest updates to the MangoProxy service, aimed at improving the quality and ease of use of our services:

- The UDP protocol has been updated. Now the stability and speed of data transfer via the UDP protocol have increased significantly, which will provide you with an even more reliable connection.
- Added Static proxies. The new static proxy feature allows you to use fixed IP addresses for more stable and predictable performance, which is especially useful for long-term projects and specific tasks.

We are confident that these updates will make your work with MangoProxy even more efficient and comfortable :p
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