Research on Technostress, hope you guys wanna participate

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    First, hope I am not breaking any rules by posting this.
    Hey guys, as part of my masters program I need to collaborate with a foreign University (University of Malta in this case) on a research. The topic I've chosen to explore is Technostress and how it impacts the family. After loads of data collected I came to the brilliant idea to invite you guys to participate, since who's more exposed to technology in their day to day functioning than you guys :))

    Now I know anonymity is a big thing, especially when you're doing SEO, so before you start the questionnaire I will assure you, since 3 different ethical boards needed to approve this, data will be presented at only at the collective level at the British Psychological Society's conference this year. I will list the demographic requirements below so you know in advance if you are comfortable with sharing such information. I mean nobody wants to scroll through 20 questions just to find out they don't want to list what country they are from. Finally find the link to the questionnaire at the bottom. Thanks for at least reading thus far.

    Demographic questions:

    I live in
    Number of hours spent at work per week
    Number of Children living with me ( if any )
    Number of Elderly adults requiring my care (if any)
    Number of hours per day using technology
    Highest qualification attained

    Thanks in advance guys